10 Things We Learned From WWE Elimination Chamber 2011

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIFebruary 22, 2011

10 Things We Learned From WWE Elimination Chamber 2011

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    The road to Wrestlemania has many obstacles, but none more grueling, more painful, or more humanizing than the Elimination Chamber match. It shortens careers and makes boys into men. Anyone who has been in the EC match will tell you it can make you a legend, or an after thought. If you can perform well, even if you don't win, this match can make your career.

    Check out anyone who has been in the match. Over 70 percent have held a World Title, and at least eight are now out of wrestling, four are on part time WWE schedules and five are wrestling but no longer with WWE. Case in point, this match can make or break you. What you do in this match could determine your career.

    While we do learn a lot from this match, we also learn things from the entire PPV itself. So, here are 10 things we learned from WWE's Elimination Chamber 2011!

#10 John Morrison Is the Best Young Name In WWE, Management Just Doesn't Know It

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    If you saw the RAW Chamber match, you were in awe of some of the things John Morrison did. Acting like Spiderman by jumping from different parts of the cage was one thing, but climbing the chamber to the tip top, then dropping on Sheamus for the pin had to be the highlight of the match.

    It seems whenever Morrison is in a match on a card, he steals the whole freakin' show! The pop he got last night just for walking in was big enough, then throughout the match he was getting support from the crowd too. He seems to get big reactions where ever he goes throughout the world as well.

    Yet Morrison seems to be on the outside looking in when it comes to the World Title conversation. People want him in those matches, so the WWE gives him a lackadaisical one on RAW when we all knew he wouldn't win. I mean when is the last time you saw a World Title change on RAW not involving a Money in the Bank case?

    Obviously Morrison has the fan base, and he is not horrible on the mic. He has proven in the past he can also do any storyline that comes his way, and he has the look the WWE is wanting to push nowadays.

    Why not give him the strap?

    Instead we are given mid-card/main-event matches with him not involving a title. Sure, we need those to keep storylines interesting and keep the product fresh as a whole. But once Morrison moves from one rivalry he goes to another along the same lines, not involving a title. Yet his last rival in Sheamus has two World Title reigns already to his name and he has barely been around over a year with WWE on the main roster.

    And the WWE even put him over on Sheamus!! Yet Morrison gets nothing out of it but a crap title match with Miz in the first match of the night on a WWE RAW show? Crazy WWE!!

    Morrison is in the same boat with guys like Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit and Jeff Hardy all were when they won their first World Title. All of them had the fans on their side, especially Eddie and Hardy, and WWE had to give them the strap.

    If WWE listens to the crowd, they'll give the fans what they want in John Morrison being a World Champion. However for now it's a waiting game.

    Possible matches for Morrison at Mania is the Money in the Bank match or yet another meaningless match with Sheamus

#9 Drew McIntrye Is the Real Next Big Thing

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    Last night I was not really looking forward to the SD! Elimination Chamber match, it just didn't look interesting to me on paper, but good lord, did it ever surprise! It is up there for match of the year in my book thus far. I know it's only February, but still.

    In any case, from the moment Drew McIntyre came out, there was something different about him and he looked to be in a killer trance. It seemed that if anyone got in his way, he'd tear them in half. This was just by his body language before he even entered!

    I think everyone wanted to see "The Sinister Scotsman" get out of his pod and go on the attack. The best way I can describe McIntyre before he got out of his pod was like a Lion before he pounced on his prey. He was there, and you knew it, but you weren't going to get him to go away. You knew the moment he came out, things were going to change.

    When he came out, he started going off on any and everyone around him. He threw Rey Mysterio around like a rag doll and then threw Wade Barrett into the hard glass, putting him through it. He then went on to attack others, even adding a Future Shock DDT to the match at one point.

    McIntyre didn't have a very long showing, but he looked to be on his A game, and if this is the McIntyre we saw in a normal one on one match, it would be over in five minutes, no matter who it is.

    To me, this was the match that put Drew McIntyre on the map in many people's minds. He made us remember him, yet he didn't win. That is huge for anyone to do.

#8 Trish Stratus Is Back!

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    Now, this is something I'm very excited about. First off, if you haven't already ladies, please pick up yoga. Why? Well, looking at Trish Stratus last night at EC, it seems the exercise helps pretty well. Trish is very well known in the yoga world, she even has her own yoga business up in Canada.

    Moving past how stunning the Diva of the Decade looked, she along with Booker T are going to be coaching on the Tough Enough reality show revamp. I was wondering who they would bring in for the ladies seeing as the divas in the WWE nowadays aren't exactly the most wonderful ring workers out there.

    To me, Trish is perfect for the show. Why may you ask?

    Trish is a former fitness model turned WWE Diva. WWE has been known to take in models for eye candy purposes, yet when we see them on TV wrestling, our eyes bleed from pure suckitude! Now Trish wasn't wonderful coming out of the gate, she was barely even signed before she made an appearance on TV with WWE.

    She became a manager for Albert and Test, "T&A". We first got our taste of sweet Trish as a manager, but then she started wrestling off and on, and we obviously didn't see huge progress. But, WWE saw something in her and gave her the then vacant WWE Women's Championship at Survivor Series 2001.

    She won it over established veteran divas such as Ivory, Jazz, Lita and Molly Holly. It was a move that was controversial to say the least.

    However, the move paid off and Trish kept getting better. She was also in some memorable storylines of which we all were happy to see, well, the men anyway. This all in just a few years span of her arrival.

    One of the most talked about segments in WWE history, one of which political figures have pointed to blasting WWE is when Vince McMahon made Trish getting on all fours, while in her underwear, and bark like a dog.

    This segment is what many point to, yet they seem to forget the storyline end of it. Trish was crossing the boss, and Vinny Mac was trying to get his heel boss that everyone hated character over. This was a way to do it. Trish was going to do this segment, and later down the line, get even with Vince's Mr. McMahon character.

    Yet, political morons seem to never acknowledge the moments where Trish got even, putting the woman back on top in a man's world.

    Obviously, Trish has the history behind her to tell the do's and do not's of the WWE. She can also wrestle, work on the mic and she knows how to do a good storyline. She will help the aspiring divas exponentially in my opinion. Great move on WWE's part by bringing her in

#7 Randy Orton/CM Punk at Wrestlemania Looks To Be a Lock

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    Now, the past few months with CM Punk have been interesting. He went from hurt performer to brilliant broadcaster to leader of the New Nexus. Punk is one of the top heels the WWE has in my opinion, and one of the better one's they've had in a while.

    His stuff with Jeff Hardy was brilliant to me, and his character is very interesting to say the very least I possibly can about it. But, enter Randy Orton. The Viper has also had an interesting few months. He went from possibly out of action for months to WWE Champion to being attacked by the New Nexus.

    Obviously Orton is not one to take this lying down and has gotten even with Punk whenever he possibly could. But the issue is that Punk always seems to get one over on the snake in the grass. Last night, Orton was waiting for Punk to exit his pod, but once Punk's pod was supposed to open and have him enter the match to take on The Viper and others, his pod got stuck.

    He tried to get out, but was trapped in it, so Orton took advantage by beating down the Straight Edge Superstar. Once Punk finally saw the ring, he was on the receiving end of an RKO. He lasted about five minutes if that.

    This led the RAW GM to allow Punk to stay in the match because of his pod being messed up. Punk once again got one on Orton, seemingly evening it up in the Orton/Punk one upsmanship game. Punk then got back in his pod and was the last guy to exit his.

    Orton was waiting on him once again, but John Cena got in the way of Orton's attempt to take out Punk again. This led to Punk getting a chance to eliminate Orton and he took advantage.

    Obviously this is a set up for a match at Wrestlemania. I have no problem with this at all. Punk seems to be one of the best performers at Wrestlemania in previous years, and Orton is no slouch either. So, this is going to be good

#6 Kofi Kingston Is On the Rise

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    Now one guy I respect in the WWE is Kofi Kingston, simply because he is boring as hell before a match, but he can amaze you in the ring. He's like the black, sane version of Chris Benoit. Oh, too soon?

    Kofi is still one of the guys I like watching wrestle, but he really never goes anywhere because he can't work a storyline, nor is he wonderful on the mic. So, you're stuck with seeing him in mid-card things, but he really is that guy I don't mind seeing there.

    The thing is, he's getting so over that management is gradually giving him top tier matches more and more. He is in the same type of boat John Morrison is in, but less deserving. Kingston has to be one of the guys I'm going to want to see two years from now, because he'll be a must see by any and all at that time.

    But it seemed after Sunday, Kofi was the highlight of the night along with Morrison. This is not just for me, but for many others.

    A ton of people are talking about Del Rio/Kingston. So much so, that it would be impossible to not see more from the Ghanaian Spidermonkey. Before Sunday, Kingston looked to be on the rise, but there is no way that after the performance Kingston had, that the WWE can keep the glass ceiling from breaking with this man.

    Kingston may be reduced to a MITB appearance, but if WWE is smart, they'll give him a singles match to gradually push him. I recommend Dolph Ziggler, another guy gradually on the rise. But this time, it's not for a title that Dolph will never drop to Kofi even after 153 matches.

#5 Kelly Kelly Is Diva Title Bound

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    Obviously if you grew up in the 1900s, you know that every girl seemed to have a Barbie. The doll came with many clothes for many jobs. If you ask me, Barbie had ADD or something, because she had a ton of different jobs. I wouldn't hire her with a resume like that, she'd get bored of my job and move on. I mean come on!

    In any case, most girls aspired to be as beautiful as Barbie, well 80 percent of them didn't grow up to have anywhere near the beauty. But it seemed one family known as the Blanks were so confident that their little girl would turn out to be the hottest woman alive, that they named her Barbara, nicknamed Barbie. No pressure right?

    However, the naming gamble paid off and Barbie became known to the world as Kelly Kelly, she was so nice the WWE had to name her twice. Thankfully they never gave her a kick to do for a finisher, imagine the initials!

    In any case, Kelly has been one of the hottest women the WWE has had, but was in that boat I mentioned earlier of so awful in the ring, eyes bleed from it. However, Kelly has vastly improved in the ring. She always had marketability and storyline presence. She's not bad on the mic either. She could use work no doubt, but she's not as bad as some in the WWE.

    So me, she's the most deserving Diva yet to hold a title in WWE. Heck, the girl helped defend the World Heavyweight Championship, yet can't even hold a Diva's Title? Come on!

    Her work with Lay-Cool really put her name out there in recent months. Not to mention her work with Vickie Guerrero. Already and over heel, Vickie could make us want to cheer for Kelly's job back after Guerrero fired her for wrongful reasoning.

    When she came back last night at EC after being re-hired by Teddy Long, the pop seemed to be very good for her. So, obviously the crowd loves the blond bombshell.

    But, serious talk here, Kelly is deserving of a Diva's Title. And the more and more I watch her and what the WWE does with her, the more I see her holding that title. Her re-hiring should put her on SD! right in there with the top names in the Diva's Division. She's getting as many people on her side for her to win the big one as they are for guys like Morrison. I mean, it's getting that serious for her fans!

    So, looking at EC and the way things were laid out, it's possible we'll see something with Kelly and Lay-Cool at Mania. But in the future, Kelly will be the Diva's Champ

#4 Michael Cole/Jerry Lawler Looks Highly Likely at Wrestlemania

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    Obviously one guy everyone seems to want to punch in WWE right now is Michael Cole. He gets annoying to us all and even cost Jerry Lawler the WWE Title a while back. He wasn't as instrumental last night in The Miz's win over Lawler as he has been in the past, but many think that after all Cole has done to The King, it's time for payback.

    It is said that Cole may get special ref action on RAW tonight, and he has already been going to wrestling school down in FCW to train. So, it looks pretty likely Lawler/Cole happens. Wonder who will call the show then. Jim Ross anyone?

#3 Miz Is Indeed Awesome

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    Now, I've been one of the people who have been ok with The Miz winning the WWE Title. He deserved to win it in my opinion, and he hasn't been bad with the title to me. He just needed some better storylines. I fear for Wrestlemania, simply because he could have had an interesting guy to face, but instead got Cena.

    Miz has held the WWE Title for a while, quite long for a first reign, especially for a young superstar. But, last night he proved he can wrestle. Lawler obviously wasn't at the level of other guys out there, and we all knew this going in of course.

    But, we all cheered for Lawler because we wanted to see him win the big one. And heck, we wanted to shut up The Miz. Which is huge for Miz, why? Well, we hate him so much we want him to lose the title, and that is good for a heel.

    Miz is hated, as he should be. That's what WWE wants guys and gals.

    The WWE is so high on him that they are having him go to Wrestlemania as WWE Champion, this is an honor few have held. Sure, they put the title on many, but not everyone has gone to Wrestlemania as WWE or World Heavyweight Champion, especially retained.

    I feel The Miz will retain, why? Well, we're all expecting a John Cena win, why not surprise us with a Cena loss?

    Give Miz the win, and have him lose at the next PPV.

    However, for now, Miz is one of the most interesting guys in the WWE, and fun to watch because you want to see what he'll say or do. He is truly, a must see champion.

#2 Edge vs Alberto Del Rio at Mania? Are You Sure?

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    Now Edge and Dolph Ziggler are more interesting than anything involving Alberto Del Rio, yet Del Rio is in the World Title match at Mania. Why build up Ziggler only to drop him?

    Then we enter Christian last night to make the save for Edge when he is being beaten down by Del Rio. Now, we have an amazing story.

    We essentially have two guys who have problems with two guys, yet neither one of those two guys who have problems with the other two guys have a match at Mania to face the guy they have an issue with. Confused yet?

    Basically we are seeing two rivalries that are going no where.

    Ziggler was fired last week by Teddy Long, yet he has an issue with Edge. Let's not forget, Ziggler never got a rematch for the World Heavyweight title. However, Del Rio is facing Edge at Wrestlemania. But the thing is, Del Rio has an issue in the returning Christian who he took out six months ago.

    Christian hasn't gotten his revenge on Del Rio just yet. And he's not going to rightfully get it on an episode of SD! Oh no, this needs to be a big time revenge.

    This is where we have an issue. Two men, who have a problem with two other men they don't have a set in stone match with.

    Obviously you have to do something here right? But what could we do? I mean, how can we have all of these men take out their rival by making everyone happy?

    Oh yeah, a FATAL FOUR WAY MATCH!!

    I'd imagine WWE would add in the Fatal Four way because it makes the most sense here. But the thing is, WWE management never seems to want to make sense.

#1 John Cena Is Still Superman, at Ease Soldier

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    Despite the efforts of we the fan, WWE instead went with John Cena for the RAW Elimination Chamber match. The winner would go on to face the WWE Champion, The Miz, at Wrestlemania. Well, John Cena, despite hardly any history with the former Reality Show star, will face him at Mania.

    Cena should have a match with someone worth his storyline time, seeing as Miz/Cena wreaks of boring to me. Sure, both are great on the mic, but last time these two were together in a storyline, Miz looked like a pansy trying too hard not to blow away in the wind.

    A guy like John Morrison would have been far more interesting for Miz, seeing as the history with Miz is there, they are about even in fans eyes, and you don't have a penciled in winner.

    We all know Cena is Superman, and despite anything Miz can do, he has to deal with that. Miz is an incredible 1-0 at Wrestlemania, but many are seeing a 1-1 record for him.

    The lack of anything interesting is what hurts the fans. We all know Cena can wrestle if let go by WWE, and we all know Miz is improving. But, now you have nothing but two guys who probably won't give us much to watch. Possibly we could see a nice build up, but we know match quality will be down.

    I guess we can always look forward to the other matches on the card, I say put it in the middle, that way people have a nice pee break and they can grab some snacks before the better matches come up or they can recover from the better Diva's match before. Oh yeah, I went there