WWE Elimination Chamber 2011: Match Concept's Analysis and Why I Prefer Raw's

Dan PowerSenior Analyst IFebruary 19, 2011

While I like the overall concept of the Elimination Chamber match, there's a little detail that bugs me. It is the fact all wrestlers are not thrown in the action at the same moment.

The same principle applies to the Royal Rumble match, but there are 30 or 40 men in the ring, and the free-for-all aspect of the match with so many wrestlers involved makes it more of a jungle. In addition, the contestants all battle for the same goal, and there is no Championship on the line.

I know wrestling is scripted, but I like a contest in which all participants seem to have an equal chance. I hate to see a Champion battling against the odds, particularly when a World Champion has to defend his title in the Elimination Chamber environment against five opponents.

What I especially dislike is the fact the Champion has something to lose while the five others has nothing to lose and all to gain. The whole concept of the match is not bad at all, but it should be reserved to determine a No. 1 contender.

Now, you probably understand why I will watch the Raw Elimination Chamber match with more interest than for its Smackdown! counterpart. It's not about the participants but about the fact that the Raw contest will throw someone in a Championship match at Wrestlemania. I like the idea of six warriors fighting for the same prize, with all to gain and nothing to lose.

Anyway, we all know Edge will retain this Sunday because no one else is worthy to headline Wrestlemania against Alberto Del Rio.

Drew McIntyre and Wade Barrett are not ready to headline Wrestlemania.

Kane and Rey Mysterio are no longer on Edge's level.

On the other hand, the Raw Elimination Chamber bout is a little bit more unpredictable despite the odds are in John Cena's favor. But, with the 2.21.11 thing coming the evening after the pay-per-view, we never know.

But one sure thing is that The Miz will retain; so it means it won't be a heel who will emerge victorious from the Chamber.

Orton looks set to face CM Punk, R-Truth is a sure loser and maybe, just maybe John Morrison could be scheduled against The Miz.