Cassy Herkelman Video: Herkelman Makes History, Is Joel Northrup in the Wrong?

Ross ColemanAnalyst IFebruary 18, 2011

Cassy Herkelman Makes History With Forfeit Win, But Is Joel Northrup Wrong for Bowing Out?

If you have never heard the name Cassy Herkelman, it shouldn’t be a surprise.

But she has been the talk of a number of media outlets, not only because she became the first female to win a match in the Iowa State Wrestling Tournament but also because of the way she won that match.

Her first-round opponent Joel Northrup decided to forfeit the match after seeing that he would have to wrestle a girl. My question is: What kind of coach allowed this to happen? What lesson was he trying to teach his guys by letting Northrup forfeit?

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Not only do I think Northrup is in the wrong for forfeiting, but I also think his coach is the bigger culprit.

I can understand that an Iowa state wrestling coach could be living in a more chauvinistic world, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t teach his kids about equality. Just because Herkelman is a girl doesn’t mean she couldn’t have beat Northrup.

Actually, now that I think about it, has anybody wondered if that is the reason that Northrup forfeited?

Did he know he would lose and just couldn’t face the embarrassment of losing to a girl?

If that is the case, maybe he shouldn’t be wrestling.

Despite all the publicity the Cassy Herkelman saga has gotten, it appears to be finished for this season now that she finally found someone who would meet her on the mat. And he beat her.

Not only did she lose in the quarterfinals, but she also lost in her consolation match and was sent packing from the tournament.

Herkelman might be out for now, but she has opened doors for the next Cassy Herkelman.

And that is something to really be proud of.