World Champions in Two Different Organizations

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World Champions in Two Different Organizations

Lets take a look back in time, before jumping ship to a new organization was not all over the Internet, and even the greatest of the greats could not win a world title in another federation. Bruno Sammartino could have easily been the NWA World champion had he chose to leave the comfort zone of the northeast on a regular basis. In these early days, the NWA champion had to defend the title all across the world. The wrestler was a true world champion. He had to venture to rival regional promotions where screw jobs could easily occur. The champion had to know how defend himself in the ring in case some shenanigans were afoot. 

In 1992 a huge and rare event occurred often overlooked by fans today. Ric Flair, after years in the NWA and as champion became the WWF World champion. Only one other man accomplished this feat beforehand, Buddy Rogers. He was a former NWA World champion who was also the first WWF champion. 

In today's pro wrestling, it has become common place for wrestlers to jump to other federations and winning the world title in that organization. Greats such as Dusty Rhodes, Bob Backlund, Lou Thesz, Verne Gagne, and Harley Race never were able to win the World titles in different organizations. 

The next few slides will show the different wrestlers who have won a world title in other organizations. Now we all know The Rock is a WCW champion as well as WWF champion, but he will not be on this list due to WCW was under the WWF banner when this title change occurred. CM Punk is an ECW champion as well as WHC, but once again, ECW was already under the WWE banner. Now lets examine the quagmire of the NWA and TNA titles. Sting will be included for winning the NWA and TNA titles because he won the straps under two different organizations. On the other hand, AJ Styles is not included because his wins for the NWA belt and TNA belt were under the TNA banner. 

The major titles used for this will be NWA, AWA, WWF/E (WWE, WWWF, WWF, or WHC), TNA and ECW. 

So sit back and enjoy a slide show commemorating these superstars accomplishments. 

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