WWE Elimination Chamber: The PPV That Changes Our Vision of Wrestlemania

Kevin StonebargerCorrespondent IIFebruary 16, 2011

WWE Elimination Chamber...the last stop on the Road to Wrestlemania. The final PPV before the Grandaddy of Them All. And it is the last chance to main-event Wrestlemania for any Superstar in the WWE.

Ever since 2008, when it was the event originally called No Way Out, the Elimination Chamber Match has become an integral part of the Road to Wrestlemania, signifying the pain and suffering one is willing to go through to headline Wrestlemania and fulfill their dreams.

Now as we head into this Sunday, everyone seems to have a very clear view of what Wrestlemania 27 will be: Cena vs Miz for WWE Title, Edge vs Del Rio for World Title, Lawler vs Michael Cole, etc., etc., but let me tell you, do not assume anything until Elimination Chamber has come and gone, because if history is any indication, the WWE will surely change how we see Wrestlemania going!

The Elimination Chamber event is slowly becoming an event where the vision of Wrestlemania will be changed for us from what we originally thought it was going to be. For the last two years, the Elimination Chamber match at the February event has thrown a complete curveball that we never see coming.

In 2009, at the last No Way Out, it was thought Edge would walk out with the WWE Title and Cena with the World Title. But in a shocker, Edge was the first one eliminated in the Smackdown Chamber, losing the WWE Title, but then took out Kofi and took his spot in the Raw Chamber. Cena was eliminated a little over a minute after he entered after taking three finishers, and Edge walked out World Champion. I dare one of you to say you actually saw that coming!

A year later, at the inaugural Elimination Chamber event in 2010, Cena won the Raw Chamber and WWE Title, unsurprisingly to many, but then afterwards, in a flashback to 2006. Mr. McMahon came out and announced he would defend the title immediately against Batista. History repeated itself as we watched in shock as Batista became WWE Champion. Then the Smackdown Chamber came down to Taker and Jericho, and we all watched in shock as HBK came out from under the Chamber and superkicked the Deadman, costing him the World Title, a sight no one would forget!

I could be wrong, and the predictions everyone has made about Wrestlemania and Elimination Chamber will come true in the end. But with what has happened in the past two years with the Elimination Chamber match, think twice before making a prediction of what is going to happen. The WWE may very well suprise us all!