WWE Reality Check, Volume 4: The Wrestlemania Undercard

Toby FoxContributor IFebruary 16, 2011

Photo credit to wrestlerivalry.com
Photo credit to wrestlerivalry.com




Wrestlemania 27 has suddenly gone from looking like the dourest Wrestlemania in recent memory to potentially the greatest one in all of its glorious history. The uppercard of Wrestlemania looks to be filled with possibilities: John Cena, Randy Orton, The Miz, CM Punk, Edge, Alberto Del Rio and THE ROCK :). This is not including SCSA, Sting, HBK, Diesel, Booker T, a returning Evan Bourne, a returning Christian, a returning Evan Bourne, a returning Chris Jericho, a returning HHH and a returning Undertaker who could all make an appearance on the grandest stage of them all.

The WWE currently has many great combinations here to make Wrestlemania truly historic but to make it truly legendary the undercard must also be on top form and as enticing as possible to make this one for the ages. With the crop of main eventers to bring in the buy rates, here is my chosen undercard to wet the fans' (WWE Universe is a stupid name) appetite before the titans battle.


Match 1: Championship Scramble for the United States Championship: Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Sheamus vs. Zack Ryder vs. Yoshi Tatsu vs. Tyson Kidd

Since I think Money in the Bank will be solely it's own show this year, I thought that another flashy opener could kick off the show. The championship scramble match is always filled with drama and pinfalls and could really highlight the impressive skills of the rising stars in WWE.

Putting the match together would be simple too. Ryder (grossly underused) and Tatsu could have a No.1 contenders match for the US championship on Superstars (maybe draw viewers) which Ryder wins by unclean methods. During his match versus Bryan next week on RAW, Tatsu could interfere and lead to Ryder's defeat. The RAW GM could then make a rematch next week as both Tatsu and Ryder were "cheated." It would be a triple threat match between Ryder, Tatsu and Bryan.

During the rematch Sheamus could interfere and lay out all three men before claiming that the reason he has had little to do in the build up to Wrestlemania was because everyone was scared of him as he was the best in the world. Suddenly Tyson Kidd comes out and says that he has been trained by the best to be the best. Bryan then recovers and claims to be the best wrestler in the world. Ryder also recovers and claims that the best in the world should be charismatic and a hit with the ladies, etc. Tatsu (maybe with a manager) could then say that he came to the WWE to compete with the best and that he will take on all of them.

A brawl could then begin only for the WRESTLEMANIA HOST, THE ROCK, to make the match, making the PPV as special as possible. The five men could compete in the weeks leading up to Wrestlemania in various combinations. Perhaps Bryan could say that as champion it is his duty to start the match and the other four could have a match in which whoever is pinned/submits starts the match and whoever gets the pin/submission enters last.

Given 20 minutes on the clock this could be a showstealer and make a lot of young stars relevant again. Sheamus doesn't need to win because he can already move up and down the card when necessary. Kidd and Tatsu need mic work development and Ryder is not yet a credible enough champion right now so the win goes to Bryan who moves on to the same level as Sheamus and can switch between mid card and main event. 


Match 2: Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole and Alex Riley with Special Referee Jim Ross If Possible 

Although not a fan of Lawler, I believe that he should have at least one championship reign before retirement. Lawler can win the WWE belt at the Elimination Chamber before Cole costs him the rematch the next night on RAW.

Cole could read out the announcement, which says that Riley is to be with him in a handicap match and it is a gift from the GM for enduring so much abuse while loyally serving him. Riley can keep Cole from having to take any major bumps (but Cole did take a great RKO once) and a quick match can see Lawler get the win and celebrating with JR. Vince McMahon then comes out to firrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeee Cole (to Smackdown) and restate JR on Raw in his place.


Match 3: The Corre (- Wade Barret) vs. The New Nexus (+ Wade Barret), Losing Faction Disbands

This card is written with the current active roster, but hopefully will see some returning faces. The long awaited, but not really cared about, Corre/Nexus feud ends here. This match is likely coming up anyhow so here's a way to make it more interesting.

Before Wrestlemania the Nexus could ambush Barret on his own to take him out of the match, citing fairness as CM Punk has a match elsewhere. During the match Barret could come down and turn on the Corre, rejoining the Nexus. Punk then comes out and says that the Corre was only a charade to purge the Nexus of disloyalty. The Corre then turns face for the future and the Nexus is more dangerous than ever, only for Skip Sheffield and Michael Tarver to return in a later show to help defeat the Nexus.


Match 4: Kofi Kingston (c) and Drew Mcintyre vs. Jack Swagger

Dolph Ziggler wins. If the faces win then Kelly Kelly is rehired. If the heels win then Ziggler becomes Intercontinental Champion and promises Swagger a title shot.

To reinforce the new Mcintyre persona, he does all he can to have Kelly Kelly rehired. As part of his part-feud with Vickie Guerrero, Dolph Ziggler gets involved and defeats Mcintyre in a one on one match. Seeking help, Mcintyre begs for Kofi's forgiveness and enlists him to defeat Ziggler due to his experience with fighting him.

Ziggler draws in Swagger as backup for the above reason and only agrees to the match if Kofi puts his title on the line.

The faces win here. The feud continues afterwards involving Kelly and Vickie in a six person tag match at the next PPV. With the stacked uppercard this is mostly filler to get some faces on the show and should be a decent bout to provide a feud for the Smackdown midcard after Wrestlemania.


Match 4: Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio

This match is reportedly going to happen and is actually a pretty good idea. Rey can fly about and has the experience to make someone like Rhodes look good, who can use some flying moves where appropriate and can also use dominating moves as well. The encounters between Rhodes and Mysterio provide the background for the match and a victory for Rhodes would be a staple of the WWE youth movement elevating new stars. Rey will always be over with the fans and doesn't need the victory to be strong. A Cross Rhodes off the top rope would be a great ending if done right and would raise Cody in the eyes of the fans. Just please buy some knee pads.


Match 5: Battle Royale for the Divas Championship 

To get all the divas on the card, a harmless battle royale ought to do the trick. The division is starting to really look good again with Beth Phoenix, Michele Mcool, Natalya, Melina and Gail Kim all proven talents and Layla and Eve are really showing signs of improvement. I believe Kong will be divas champion by Wrestlemania but looking at the current card Eve will most likely still be champion.

The Bella twins, Tamina, etc. are all here as fodder for the final three: Beth, Natalya and Melina. I will go with Melina winning here; seeing as she is the only heel out of the three, she can have some fresh feuds. As one of the stronger divas, she can survive a squashing from Kong. Beating Melina will make Kong a credible champion and gives her time to defeat divas like Gail to build up a reputation before facing Beth Phoenix who can face a heel Melina beforehand.


Match 6: John Morrison vs. Kane

Last match on the undercard, this gives Kane something to do if not facing Undertaker and a Morrison victory here would give him great momentum. A fairly fresh face off will give both transitional stars something to occupy themselves with as Kane seems to be waiting for the Undertaker and Morrison is trying to reach the main event. I would expect some epic manoeuvres from Morrison to counter Kane's power offence and maybe crazy Morrison from this week's RAW could join in the match. Thrown together I couldn't think of anything else for either of them, Big Show can win the pre-show battle royale; he's fun but not the best in the ring for a Wrestlemania event.

What does everyone think of my fantasy undercard? Please leave thoughts, feedback and constructive criticism in the comments section.