WWE Wrestlemania 27: Is DX Taunting the Undertaker With the 2-21-11 Promos?

Gagan SamraContributor IFebruary 15, 2011

With all the rampant speculation behind the 2-21-11 promos, many people had high hopes for a possible Sting debut in the WWE. With the most recent promo, many people's hopes for a Sting debut have been dashed as we all clearly saw the Undertaker's image.

Some still feel that there are two people in the promo and one of them could easily be Sting. While this has some validity, I feel as though people are not looking close enough. In fact, I think we should go back to the appearance of the "Undertaker."

If you look closely at the closeup of the Undertaker, you can see that the person in that video has a blond mustache. As we all know, the Undertaker does not have that type of facial hair.

Compare the pectorals and jawline of the mysterious person and you can clearly conclude that the man in the promo is not the Undertaker. So, who do I think is the man disguised as the Undertaker? None other than The Game, Triple H.

There have been multiple reports that Triple H's return is imminent and a potential WrestleMania 17 rematch has been set up between the Undertaker and Triple H. So how does this relate to the 2-21-11 promo?

I feel as though Triple H is playing mind games with the Undertaker and trying to draw him out. We all know from his DX days that he is not afraid to play with other wrestlers and trying to play mind games with the Undertaker seems to be the only way to gain an advantage.

I mentioned earlier that there are supposedly two people in that promo. While some may believe it to be Sting, I firmly believe that the man in the black trench coat is none other than Triple H's friend and former DX member Shawn Michaels.

We all know the story behind the HBK-Undertaker feud, so there is no need to repeat it here. I also think the Johnny Cash song perfectly fits into this scenario, as it was the same song used in the HBK-'Taker WrestleMania promo last year.  

So how does this all play out next Monday? Here is how I see it going down:

Undertaker's song goes off. The Undertaker walks down to the ring with his head down and face not visible in the camera. Once he reaches the ring, the lights go on but the Undertaker's head is still down. Suddenly, he looks up and Shawn Michaels/HHH reveals himself to be the faux Undetaker.

A few minutes explaining why he has done this would commence, until the real Undertaker comes out and heads to the ring, ready to lay a beat down on the imposter.

However, before this happens, the other half of DX would make his return and help his DX ally lay out 'Taker. Suddenly, the anonymous GM chimes in and announces their identity to the WWE Universe.

You may have noticed a pair of female legs coming out of a limo tonight, seemingly indicating that we would have a female guest host for WrestleMania. I think those legs belong none other to Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie would come to the ring and she makes a match between HHH and Undertaker, with HBK as the guest referee. This would present a serious threat to the Undertaker's winning streak and would present a logical storyline for both HHH and Undertaker's return. 

What do you guys think? Does this sound like a good idea?