WWE: Why 2/21/11 Means the Undertaker, But Still May Mean Sting at WrestleMania!

Anthony SalvatoreCorrespondent IIFebruary 14, 2011

Darn...where are the keys to my shack...
Darn...where are the keys to my shack...

Greetings, Bleacher fans!

I just got done watching the latest 2/21/11 promo on Monday night RAW.  Now, of course, Vince decided to stop teasing and we actually saw the dead man.  Of course, if you watched it really closely, one might have noticed where the Phenom was.  He was on the inside of the shack.  At the end of the Promo, we still saw a pair of boots and a cape, but again, like before, they were on the outside about to go in to the shack.

In my opinion, this panning to a set of boots about to go into the shack where we already saw the Deadman from Death Valley is no mistake.  That second set of boots, I feel, portend to the Undertaker returning, but not returning alone.  This is a sign that he will return to an opponent. 

Now there is no guarantee, of course, that this is Sting.  But the boots and coat certainly would fit the icon with the bat, Steve Borden, aka Sting. 

With this having be said however, there are arguments for it being someone other than the Stinger.  Consider that even if Sting premieres on 2/21/11, there will be precious little time to build up a good head of hype (speculation on this site and others not withstanding) to really do a Sting vs Undertaker match the justice both legends deserve. 

And there are still other possibilities.  It could be, believe it or not, Sean Michaels.  It is unlikely, of course, but then again, the "Ain't No Grave" song by the other Man in Black, Johnny Cash, was linked to the feud between 'Taker and HBK. 

Of course maybe this is just me dreaming...nope, it is definitely me dreaming, but a guy can dream can't he?

An argument can also be made for an angle none of us have considered (or at least verbalized).  The feud between the Brothers of Destruction is yet unresolved.  And lest we forget, members of the then NEXUS said something about mentioning to the Undertaker the real reason why they aided the Big Red Machine.  All these are questions left, I feel, unresolved and leaves plenty of room for the creative team at WWE cook up something special for us, the WWE Universe.  Perhaps there was a plan in effect before 'Taker was injured.  But now, he's coming back, and the seeds are out there.

Never let facts get in the way of a good story WWE creative; since 'Taker is coming back, please make it special.  That's just a plea from one lifelong fan. 

Who else is with me?