Amir Khan vs. Breidis Prescott: A Rematch Khan Does Not Need

William Charles BakerContributor IFebruary 12, 2011

Amir Khan vs Marcos Maidana the best rematch
Amir Khan vs Marcos Maidana the best rematchEthan Miller/Getty Images

After barely escaping the Marcos Maidana war with his head still attached, Amir Khan has another head to worry about in Tim Bradley. To add Breidis Prescott to the mix may cost Khan and Bradley a big payday.

You never know about these guys that come from across the water. Heavyweight Champion Lennox Lewis was the real thing but Ricky Hatton was another thing. One guy could knock you out and in effect defeated any fighter he ever lost too. The rematch worked to his advantage. Ask Hasim Rahman and Oliver McCall about a rematch with Lewis that maybe they should have avoided.

The other guy had a marching band and a stadium full of fans and went out on his rear end twice. The second time against Manny Pacquiao was more violent than the first by Floyd Mayweather Jr. a rematch against either one made no sense nor would the public have wanted to see it. Perhaps Hatton would also now agree.   

So you never know about these guys from across the water. Other that a few that has come to the states with big reputations on big ocean liners the other guys came in row boats and left the same way. Now we have Amir Khan under the venerable trainer Freddie Roach who has come under a resurrection of sorts.

His skills looked impressive against Maidana but as the great Joe Louis once said against Billy Conn years ago “…he can run but he can’t hide…”.  So it was for Khan who exhibited some ring skills while back pedaling and throwing flurries of punches. Give him credit it might have been the best thing after feeling the force of the shots from Breidis Prescott who may have won more than a fight. He may have taken some confidence that in Khans mind only Freddie Roach could put back.

Freddie doesn’t get in the ring anymore except to train so for Khan either he fights to prove that his heart is still there or he chooses to forget Prescott and move on. The road ahead may look a whole lot better than the one behind. If Khan cares and wants a macho moment then he can make the fight Prescott is waiting.

Prescott has fallen on hard times lately with a few losses but is the most dangerous of opponents. At 23-2 with 19 knockouts his continuing quest for a Khan rematch may have done more to hurt his career than had he moved on. Sometimes a few big punches can do that. Maybe it was luck, maybe Khan wasn’t mentally ready. The fact is Prescott may have punched himself out as well with the big victory over Khan. It happens sometimes.   

After defeating Khan once he waits for the opportunity to clock him again. After watching what happened when Maidana reached Khans jaw he can imagine what will happen if he connects in another fight. If he does Khan is going down. Not from the punch but from the memory of what happened the last time the punch came and connected in the first fight.

We prognosticate because we don’t fight. We can scold and talk the talk because we don’t get in the ring we just write about it. Somebody may speak about courage and so on but there are consequences associated with every word that you write but you write them anyway. Those that comment and take a stand also deserve admiration. It is your sport too.   

So, Khan does not need this fight. The public wants what the public wants. The fans are the greatest promoters and because they need the fight it will probably happen. If it does the destruction of one legacy may force the waters to recede again and we will have to wait another decade for another Lennox Lewis to emerge and come across to knock some guys out.

In the meantime we have the mirage of Bradley and Khan to keep the hype going. While some other guys across the water wait their turn.