News Report: USC Trojans Will Not Qualify For BCS Title Game Due To Schedule

BabyTateSenior Writer ISeptember 22, 2008

Yes, it's true. At first I didn't believe it either. If everything plays out, Southern California will not qualify for the BCS Title Game as one of the Top Two teams in the country.

Local radio personalities were all over this story today, reminding us what "Walt Carnes reported", "Dave Miller said", according to "a computer program". The story was to be posted in the Los Angeles papers today. The nationally syndicated sports reporters discussed it during the day, and most agree with the essential elements of the story.

What's that you say? Simply this, the Trojans play in a league too weak to support a BCS ranking percentage greater than the champions of the SEC and Big 12. When the time comes for the national title game there will be no Southern Cal.

If this is the case, then we could see a Texas Tech–Alabama national championship game, perhaps even Georgia–Oklahoma, or maybe Missouri–Florida, we might even see LSU–Texas.

Would that be a national title game, really? They would all be great match-ups but, without the Trojans it would be a questionable title. Why should we endure another "Southern Cal outclasses the Rose Bowl opponent" scenario? Surely that counts for something!

What about the fact that Southern Cal is the best team in the country and should beat any team they face anywhere they play?  LSU may have a point to consider, since they are the unbeaten defending national champions.

I don't know, there are computer and technical experts in the Bleacher Report. It seems to me if any of this goulash was true, then one of our writers would have jumped on it long ago. Hey, I try to read everything written each day but, if this was reported I didn't see it.

Here is an opinion from a non-biased observer: Southern Cal is the best team in the country. If they win every game and do not go to Miami for the Title Game, then something is broken with the system, and it requires a radical restructuring.

How about 51 percent of the criteria being who are the best teams.