Why Did No One Talk About Brett Favre and His Rather Scathing Quote?

Andrew MasonCorrespondent ISeptember 22, 2008

Last Thursday while recording ESPN's weekly Sunday Conversation, Brett Favre had a rather startling comment and to a surprise me no one picked up on it.

ESPN's Ed Werder asked Brett about the Packer's 2-0 start.  A simple honest question about his team of the last 16 years.

His Response: "I've had 16 pretty good years there. Two games or a season is not going to, you know ... When they have 16 good ones, they can call me."

WOW.  In my opinion that is pretty much one of the selfish quotes I have heard from an NFL Hall of Famer.  It is even more selfish than Chad Johnson/Ocho Cinco demanding a trade since he saw the Bengal's ship was sinking and fast while Brett had the "retirement announcement" to the "I want to play!".  Then he found out the team moved on.  While he had not.  Now instead of taking the high road and saying something like "That's good for them and I wish them luck" or "Aaron Rodgers is doing well", etc. He delivers a low blow when he should be worrying about his own team that is 1-1 and struggling in this first half against the Chargers.

After this summer of Brett's minute by minute coverage I was surprised not many people expressed any emotion about it.  I mean for a guy to be with one team for 16 years in this day and age is rare for them to stick with him for so long to take a cheap shot like that is just uncalled for and in my opinion in line for some nasty names.

This summer I lost all respect for Brett Favre and with that comment I just hope the Jets pull a Miami and go 1-15 and Jet fans boo him and he realizes that he is done.

In case you missed this sunday's conversation here's the link: http://sports.espn.go.com/broadband/video/videopage?videoId=3598123 the quote is about 7 minutes in.