Is Florida That Good, or Are the Rest Really That Bad?

Justin ThomasContributor ISeptember 22, 2008

Where does Florida stop this year?  It seems to be another great dominant Florida year so far, but what things have to be done to complete the season, not just simply get through the season? 

After three games, it is evident that Florida is a strong team.  We all knew with Tebow, Harvin, and Coach Meyer leading the Gators that a championship is the goal, and a feasible one at that.

There seems to be somewhat of a spark they need this year to really carry them when the going gets tough.  The going will get tough, because after all, this is the SEC. 

The Gators have a chance to win the SEC.  They are a tough team.  To get there this year they will have to rely on their defense because the offense is not as strong as the past two years.

The offensive line is not holding the pocket and they are collapsing too soon.  This should be solved soon, and I don’t see it becoming a problem because even though Tebow’s numbers are down, he never fails in the clutch as far as his personal performance and passion. 

Along with the defense, which is fast, strong, and maturing more every week, the special teams are a key.  If the Gators can keep Brandon James healthy and returning punts and kickoffs for good yardage and touchdowns, it will help cushion the struggling Gators offense.

One good thing about Florida’s offense is that they haven’t turned the ball over at all this year.  The Gators will have to settle down on the offensive side of the ball and find their groove this year.

I’m sure Meyer has, is, and will address this issue every week until he is satisfied.  Things may work out okay even if there is a struggle as long as the ball is protected. 

The Gators can win the SEC with these things.  They must win everything this year to be considered for the BCS championship and probably need some help from Oklahoma’s Big 12 contenders and also a loss from USC.  Either will do, but Florida has to keep up their end of the bargain and win out.

The team they need to worry most about getting by this year is Georgia, who is one spot ahead in the AP polls. 

If Florida can bring every component of their team to maximum performance like their special teams and defense are close to, then they will be like the juggernaut team you create when playing NCAA 09.  They can be just that good—they just need to play like it now to get to the goal: SEC Champs and BCS Champs.