WWE: 2/21/11: The Phenom Cometh and The Clue Is In The Tune!

Anthony SalvatoreCorrespondent IIFebruary 8, 2011

Have you seen this Deadman?
Have you seen this Deadman?

Hi there in Bleacher land!

I was excited about this past Monday Night Raw...Mark Henry actually won a match, Sheamus got squashed for once, Santino Marella had another decent match, and I actually saw blood for once...even if it was a bloody nose that was likely unscripted, which made it even cooler.

And of course, Vince is back.

Of all the things, though, that I was excited about, it was to see the the latest 2/21/11 promo that, in my opinion, confirms that 2/21/11 heralds the return of the phantomesque phenom, the Undertaker.

How do I know?

The Promos for the Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels, (Streak vs. Career at WrestleMania 26) featured a haunting tune when focusing on the Undertaker. 

A tune by another man in black, the late, great Johnny Cash.  This song, probably one of the most fitting songs for a wrestler I've ever heard, was "Aint no grave." 

In the latest 2/21/11 promo, near the end, the same song can be heard briefly.  Now it doesn't take a genius to guess that this, in some way, points to the Undertaker, presumably his return.  It is also my opinion that the choice of that song was no accident.

Not only does it suggest the return of the phenom but I believe it also means the return of the Phenom at WrestleMania.  The song was synonymous with 'Taker during the lead up to WM 26. 

WWE could've chosen many different tunes and sounds to suggest the Undertaker, but chose this one.  I don't think it was an accident. 

I also don't think the Cabin was an accident and that it somehow suggests the circumstance of the Deadman's return or the feud that will immediately follow.

I'm not sure what that is of course, and while I will continue to watch and analyze, any and all clues, hints, insights or outright guesses are most welcome from the peanut gallery, aka the IWC!

Here's hoping that Johnny Cash is right about the Undertaker one more time.