After UFC 126 Are Anderson Silva And Jon Jones On A Collision Course?

Todd JacksonSenior Analyst IFebruary 6, 2011

When super fights come to mind the talk of the town is Anderson Silva vs. George St. Pierre.  That is the kind of fight that can literally determine a world pound for pound champion.  That is the kind of match up between elite competitors that comes along once in a life time.  

It is a match maker’s dream to have two of the top ranked fighters in the world ruling their kingdoms a mere fifteen pounds removed from one another.  And that is all that separates GSP and “The Spider”.

That fight may be a great one but there is another fight that is equally compelling.  Jon Jones, is a one of a kind, once in a life time fighter.  His rapid ascent through the ranks in the UFC has left a wake of devastation and earned him a UFC title shot.

This young fighter is a blueprint type of competitor.  The kind of fighter who comes along and changes the way the sport is perceived.  Both from the inside and out.  Georges St. Pierre is that kind of fighter, Randy Couture as well.  They are few and far between but the bottom line is Jones is a superstar taking hold right before our eyes.

To truly achieve the potential of his greatness, if he indeed is truly great, will be to endure great challenges.  He has a pretty tall order when he hooks up with Mauricio “Shogun” Rua in March as he tries to become the youngest UFC champion ever.

If Jones defeats “Shogun” it will be a huge step in the right direction towards establishing a strong resume.  Stopping Ryan Bader to earn the title shot is quite a feather in the cap also.

But then what for Jones?  Dear friend and training partner Rashad Evans was in line to fight “Shogun” but apparently suffered an injury forcing him to bow out.  But what happens if Jones is a title holder and “Suga” rehabilitates to fighting shape?  The man is in line to fight for the title.  

The UFC LHW title could be in quite the pickle with these two elite sharks swimming in the same waters, but unwilling to engage one another.  Hell, Lyoto and Anderson, and Fitch and Koscheck have avoided each other for years.  Maybe Jones and Evans can do the same.

There is quite an alternative and it’s a safe bet to say the MMA fan base wouldn't turn up their noses at another potential super fight that could rival the hype of the GSP vs Silva tilt mentioned earlier.

UFC MW champ Anderson Silva has shown quite impressively making brief but amazing appearances at LHW.  Because his appearances at LHW were few and far between, Jon Jones and Anderson Silva never crossed paths.  

Much like Jones could benefit from an opportunity to fight a king like Anderson Silva, Silva could use a fight like this also.  There isn't much left for him to prove at MW, honestly there hasn't been for quite some time now.  A few lackluster performances have soured some fans towards him, but only because they have seen what he is capable of, they will accept nothing less.  

His strong performances at LHW really showed the Anderson Silva they thought they knew.  Those performances are more than convincing that he can compete at that level.

So making the move and continuing to do well at LHW and fighting the best the division has to offer could prove quite the jump start to a career that seems to be wasting away on less than compelling challenges for the champ.

Silva could take his legacy to an entirely different level if he made that leap to 205 and continued the rampage that he is currently on.  A fight with GSP may be amazing but it only opens one door.  If Silva moved up and fought a guy like Jon Jones, that division would look like a hallway of open doors.

So in a sense, considering Jones needs tough challenges to solidify what is shaping up to be a very promising career and legacy, and Silva needs new challenges after decimating an entire division, these two need each other.

And damn it the fans need it too.  Just thinking about why it should happen is compelling, to consider the actual fight itself and how it might go or trying to pick a side to fall on is an entirely different issue.

Think of the potential for an unreal match up of two dynamic, lethal, and devastating fighters like Anderson Silva and Jon Jones.  That gets the blood pumping.  

And quite honestly this match up may not be quite as far fetched as it sounds.  These gentlemen fight twenty pounds apart on fight night, that's like an ounce in Gracie pounds, so why not?

They are both elite, one is a rookie the other a veteran, one a long time champion, the other chasing his first title, similar unpredictable yet deadly fighting styles, what’s not to like?

Surely the UFC sees the potential in the pair, and again if Jones gets that belt from Rua, they may have a log jam at the top of the LHW division starting with Rashad.  It makes sense to import Silva to fight Jones and determine another number one LHW contender in the mean time.

Because we all know Rashad and Jones aren't fighting.  It looks like simple math from here.

An old lion and a young lion on a collision course like two locomotives.  A pair of one of a kind fighters mixing it up is what this sport was made for.  If certain cards get dealt, it may happen sooner than we think.  

A fight fan can only hope.


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