The NFL Helmet: Aussies Suggesting Less (Protection) Is More

Joe TroncaleContributor IFebruary 5, 2011

Australian For "Helmet"
Australian For "Helmet"Scott Barbour/Getty Images

Those strange Aussies who play in striped wife-beaters and tight pants, they are also so crazy that they play a contact sport with no pads or helmets.

Not so fast, you NFL fans. The Aussies know something that you may not know. 

Playing without helmets causes fewer serious head injuries. That's correct. The Australian football players' brains are actually safer than their NFL counterparts.

Check the medical research. Check the nursing homes in 30 years. 

Different kind of game, you may say—yes, but safer. The NFL knows this, by the way. They also know that while they will never give up helmets, the NFL has the technology needed to have safer head gear.

Instead of employing the technology that exists, however, the league just fines defensive backs a lot of money for unsafe helmet-to-helmet contact, it would probably be better if the fines went directly to DeSean Jackson's neurologist fund, but what would be even better is if the NFL used the technology available to them.

There is plenty of mayhem going on out there on the field, but referees and fines will not take the place of better technology. 

Airbags have saved a lot more lives than speeding tickets. There is a safer way to play. The data is there to prove it.

Will it take a plaintiff attorney filing a class action suit against the league to alter the helmet specifications in football? 

Many professional players are smart enough to prohibit their sons from taking up football for this reason. It is likely that they know how unforgiving the sport is to intracranial contents.

How do you say "lawyer" in Australian?