TNA: Three Reasons Why Fortune Being "They" Doesn't Suck!

Anthony SalvatoreCorrespondent IIFebruary 4, 2011

Hi again out there in the Internet Wrestling Community (IWC)!

I wanted to take this time to give my reaction (and of course, illicit your ever-welcome feedback) to the revelation that "They" are really Fortune.

Okay, I admit it...when I first saw that "They" were Fortune I said to myself, "Aw man, this SUCKS!"  I suppose this was because I was waiting for someone from the outside coming in as opposed to someone from within changing sides.  And I also think that there is more drama in a Face turning Heel (a la Hardy and Hogan) than a Heel turning Face.  On the surface, it felt incestuous to me and I've been frustrated with TNA turning from the up-and-comers and pushing those that need to step aside...

But then, as I thought about it, this situation actually addresses a few issues I've had with TNA.  Indeed, "They" don't suck after all.

Reason One:  Every 'Immortal' heel needs a 'Fortunate' face

Immortal is not the greatest group I've ever seen, but it certainly was a group that had the power strings in the company being aligned with Hogan and Bischoff.  And that was a problem where I was concerned.  It was the same problem I've had with a lot of "stables" over the years, most recently with WWE's Nexus a while back.  A group that can roughshod often does and sticks their fingers in every pie...and true to the maxim that if a little is good, a lot is great...except when it's not.  

I mean, the Main Event Mafia was greatly entertaining in the beginning, but after a while, they interfered so much that TNA started getting boring after a while.  And when TNA came back with the "Frontline," it didn't help much as "Frontline" was a disorganized mess.  It was bad story telling as there was no drama, no suspense...MEM was going to win.  They pretty much always did.  Yawn.

Dominance is great, Dominating becomes boring after a while. 

But add another group of equal or nearly equal strength and now you have entertainment.  Fortune contains some of the best in TNA among the up-and-comers and to boot they have one of the best and most prominent of all time, Ric Flair as a mouthpiece.  Fortune will indeed be a force for Immortal to reckon with.

Reason Two:  Time for the young guns to shine

Most of Immortal and Fortune are those young talents I am so passionate about for this company, balanced with just enough experience to add that gravitas these young guns are learning to generate.  Those who have read any of my previous articles know I feel that TNA needs to focus on its young talent and great wrestling action.

I feel that the many instalments of this feud to come in the proceeding months will make a move in this direction.  There will be many promos...many, many promos of questionable caliber on occasion...but it will all be worth it to see some of the greatest young talents in TNA and in wrestling go at it and actually have a reason for the action in the ring...and backstage...and in the commissary...and the parking lot...

Reason Three:  The Renaissance of AJ Styles

AJ Styles, in my opinion, is one of the very best in TNA and one of the better pure wrestling talents out there.  He's rough on the mic and needs better material, but there are real flashes of brilliance there...and in this storyline, I think we can see the AJ Styles I've been waiting to see.  

AJ, at first, was the immature sidekick...recall his pandering silliness with Christian and later with Kurt Angle.  This phase was necessary in the development of a great wrestler, I feel, as it mirrored where AJ was in his career.

Then AJ became the "chosen one" the "kid done good" the prototypical boy scout.  I'm not against this.  John Cena follows this template to a degree and, I'm not ashamed to admit, I'm a Cena fan.  But the naivete, the "boy wonder" yolk hadn't yet dried off.  He was likable, entertaining, but blah.

Then came Flair and the heel turn.  This was a great idea done, in my opinion, very poorly.  Rather than being a Flair carbon copy, he became a petulant version of his immature beginnings (incidentally, I think Jeff Hardy's heel turn was a rare flash of brilliance, brilliantly done by TNA creative and Mr. Hardy himself).  An unanticipated side result is that AJ stopped being at the heart of TNA, stopped being its face, which was a mistake as I think he exemplifies what TNA can and should be,

With Fortune now turning face (or at least face when compared to Immortal), the AJ Styles I've been waiting for might well have arrived – the charismatic leader of a brave new world, with just enough bad a$$ to give him the gravitas he needs to take it to the next level.

Well there you have it friends, my take on them of "They." As always, I welcome your comments and feed back, and hope you enjoyed!