Top 10 Best Looking College Football Uniforms

Dale WeaverCorrespondent ISeptember 20, 2008

Here are my picks for the 10 best college football uniforms. If your team didn’t get picked, no offense. Colors and schemes are very subjective and it’s my personal opinion. With that said, let the picking begin.

10. UCLA (Home uniform)

Back in 2003, the AD came up with the current “true blue” color that the Bruins wear. Blue for the color of the ocean and gold for California’s State Flower; the poppy.

UCLA’s uniform would be higher, but light blue doesn’t exactly give the aurora of fierceness. Still very sharp when the sun is going down in the Rose Bowl.

9. Penn State (Home uniform)

Yeah, I know. How can Penn State be in the Top Ten? Is there a more boring uniform in all of college football? Maybe not, which is why the Nittany Lions have had their uniforms in the past voted as one of the worst.

However, that navy blue and white screams “old school” football with its simplicity and no names on the jersey. The adage “less is more” certainly applies here. The only thing that is missing are the leather helmets.

8. Texas (Home uniform)

I’m not a big fan of orange (Tenn., Florida, Clemson), but Texas burnt orange does not have that “in your face“ annoying look. Most orange colored uniforms have that hunting vest tint.  It just does not do it for me.  However, how can you not like the big Texas steer head on the helmet? Again, simple, but it works.

7. North Carolina (Home uniform)

Carolina blue and white looks great on the basketball court and it's not too bad on the football field either. I know, why do you put UCLA lower than North Carolina? It’s subjective; I like light blue; it matches my eyes.

6. Oregon (All of them, I think?)

I don’t know which NCAA College program has had more uniform changes than Oregon. I picked Oregon not so much for looks, but originality.

Nike founder Phil Knight is a Duck Alum and keeps the “Quack Attack” outfitted with up to the minute Nike creations that are designed specifically for them.

5. Ohio State (Home uniform)

Much like Penn State: “old school” simplicity with classic scarlet and grey colors. You can’t think of college football without thinking about Ohio State and the Buckeye stickers plastered on the back of the helmets.

4. Michigan (Home uniform)

The Wolverines have been chosen many times with having the best college football uniform. Their unmistakable maize and blue helmet design is legendary. You can visit any school district in the country; any Pop Warner football league, and you’ll find Michigan look-alike uniforms. They - whoever they are, say that imitation is the highest form of flattery.

3. Florida State (Home uniform)

The Seminoles garnet and gold is a great color scheme and an Indian spear on the side of the helmets, look really awesome. You can thank Bobby Bowden for the arrow on the helmet. What most people don’t know is that in the early 1900’s, the Florida State football team had purple-and-gold uniforms.

When the school officially adopted red as their school color, they blended the red with the purple to come up with current garnet color and kept the gold the same. Now you know the rest of the story.

2. Georgia (Home black uniform)

The Bulldogs last year donned their home black jerseys; apparently they were packed away in moth balls. The new fashion statement became the hottest look in college football last year.

I didn’t put them first because the black jerseys seem to only come out for certain games. The bold letter “G” on the helmet with red and black are bold colors which scream “warning…nasty dawgs”.

1. LSU (Home white uniform)

LSU is one of the few college football teams that wears white jerseys for home games as opposed to their darker jerseys (purple). Most other NCAA football teams wear their darker jerseys in home games, even though football is one of the few college sports that do not require a specific jersey type for each respective team and is similar to the NFL in allowing the home team decide what to wear.

The “white jersey” tradition started in 1958, under Coach Paul Dietzel. Also, the school colors, purple and gold were adopted from Mardi Gras in the late 1800’s. LSU has a unique scheme on the helmet as well with a tiger and the LSU acronym above it. The Tigers have an SEC “old school” thing going with a cool color scheme to boot.

Honorable Mention:  Alabama, South Carolina, USC, Florida, Texas Tech


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