WWE 2.21.11: Sting vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania? No Thank You

Dan PowerSenior Analyst IFebruary 3, 2011

No, sorry, I don't have a scoop and I don't have the answer to the burning question of the week. But I have an opinion about what is the dream match for many fans. And I am dissenting.

With the creative that took the WWE Universe off-guard with their ingenious 2.21.11 promo, the rumor machine is running wild about Sting finally joining the company.

And, for many, it automatically meant Sting against The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. While I'm not totally against the idea, IF the 2.21.11 vignettes are really about the coming of Sting, I don't think Sting vs. Undertaker is the best option.

As many wrestling fans, I would really enjoy seeing Sting in a WWE ring, but why should it be against The Undertaker? IF Sting is coming, it would certainly be as a face so it would make more sense if he was scheduled to face someone like The Miz, CM Punk or any other top heel.

Of course there was Shawn Michaels against The Deadman two years in a row, but these were exceptions and HBK played some kind of tweener. I don't see Undertaker turning heel at this point of his career and I doubt Sting will be a villain.

Anyway, does anyone really want to see Sting on the losing end at Wrestlemania? Would he join the WWE if it was to lose against The Phenom? I don't think so.

In addition, does anyone really think the streak will be ended?

However, one thing I would like to see happening is Sting joining forces with Randy Orton against The Nexus to annihilate the group for good. While Orton would focus on CM Punk, Sting could work with the powerhouse of the gang, Mason Ryan.

In my ideal scenario, Orton would turn against Sting after the end of Nexus. The Viper could come back with his Legend Killer persona. He would try to kill one of the last legends still existing in the world of wrestling. Orton against Sting at Summerslam or at Survivor Series could be an instant classic, with a feud of epic proportions.

I know that Undertaker vs. Sting is a dream match for a lot of people, but I would honestly prefer something more unexpected.

That being said, we will have to wait and see who is in that famous 2.21.11 promo. And if it's Sting, we should be fixed quickly on the direction he will take.