UFC 126 Preview: 5 Reasons Jon Jones Will Beat Ryan Bader

Nathan KellyContributor IFebruary 2, 2011

UFC 126 Preview: 5 Reasons Jon Jones Will Beat Ryan Bader

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    On the eve of Super Bowl Sunday, UFC commissioner Dana White has scheduled a heck of a night full of great matchups.

    Before the main event featuring Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort, Jon Jones will attempt to hand Ryan Bader his first career loss.

    Jones, with only one "loss" himself, is a young and upcoming fighter blessed with similar traits as Anderson Silva.

    These are the reasons he'll get the upper hand on Ryan Bader at UFC 126.

1) Speed Kills

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    Young gun Jon "Bones" Jones strikes quick, accurate and hard. With his huge reach, Jones loves to draw opponents in before unleashing quick strikes and wicked elbows.

    Anderson Silva may be the only other fighter that can match the size-speed combination of Jones.

    The name of Jones' game is quick takedowns and quick strikes—which he's almost mastered by the age of 23.

2) Jones' Elbows

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    Jones has long arms and speed which allow him to strike his opponent with the hardest part of his body—the elbow.

    And Jones' elbows are quite bony (he broke three bones in Brandon Vera's face).

    Instead of using his elbow as a cutter, Jones uses it as a finisher. Using everything from a dropping elbow to a spinning elbow, Jones knows how to fully utilize his bony structure.  

3) Jones' Takedowns

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    There is no doubt that Ryan Bader is a skilled wrestler, but frankly, Jones is better.

    The former Arizona State Sun Devil Bader may be the far more decorated wrestler, but judging by the way former JUCO national champion Jones threw world-class wrestlers Vladimir Matyushenko and Matt Hamill around like rag dolls, there is no reason to believe Jones couldn't do the same to Bader.

    Jones works very well on the ground and will undoubtedly put Bader on the ground as often as he can.

    Bader will have to find a way to avoid Jones' takedowns.

4) Jones' Takedown Defense

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    If Jon Jones wants a stand-up fight, then he can have it, as Bader will have much difficulty taking Jones down.

    According to UFC.com Jones has avoided 100 percent of all takedown attempts.

    In other words, Jon Jones has never been taken down.

    If Jones is able to play that kind of defense against Bader, he'll turn Bader into a one-dimensional fighter. This gives Jones a huge advantage over his undefeated opponent. 

5) Jones' Dynamics

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    Jones has been blessed with a body that can strike from any position—he thrives on unorthodox angles and new improvised strikes.

    The is a huge advantage for Jones, as it obviously leaves his opponents in the dark for what to expect (e.g. if Bader goes into the fight prepared to defend a spinning elbow, he could get caught with a flying knee).

    "I'm gonna give him some weird unorthodox moves that he's never seen, even in wrestling," Jones stated.