MMA: This Week in Dana White's Head

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MMA: This Week in Dana White's Head
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Dana White's opinion is one of the most sought after opinions in MMA, and for good reason.

As president of the UFC, he has almost total control over what the biggest organization in MMA does.

Want to know who is getting a title shot? Dana White's opinion is the only one that matters.

Who deserves to be cut? Ask Dana White, and he'll certainly tell you who he's not happy with.


When it comes to those sorts of matters, White has the last word. At least until he changes his mind.


A different type of the question is the type of question that elicits the kind of response that a casual fan can grab onto. 

Dana White occasionally misses the mark, but for the most part, he is able to capture or otherwise mold the fan perspective when it comes to opinions about fights and fighters.

He comes across as a true hardcore fan of the sport, and is one of the more articulate figures surrounding the sport.


But rather than just asking White these kinds of questions, where White's answers are going to be rather direct and straight forward, people in the media ask Dana White about all sorts of other things.

His responses reflect more upon his position as the president of the UFC than they do on any actual thoughts that might go through the head of an MMA observer.

Take his opinion of Fedor Emelianenko for example. It should be quite obvious that if Emelianenko were signed with the UFC, White would praise him to no end.

Because Fedor is outside of the UFC and part of a competing organization, White has been less than generous in his praise of the MMA great.

Taking these kind of comments completely seriously is the kind of thing that will make your head explode and post "OMG YOU"RE DRINKING THE ZUFFA KOOL-AID" whenever anybody writes something positive about the UFC.

So don't take Dana White literally all the time.

Try to imagine the kinds of things that are actually going on in his head.

Here are my interpretations of White's thought processes from recent events.

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