WWE's Chris Masters: His Time Has Finally Come, but How Does It Happen?

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IFebruary 4, 2011

Del Rio Wins the Rumble. Is it Sting or is it The Undertaker? These are the two most common articles on BR lately. I know Smackdown has not been on yet since the Rumble, but come on, guys, have you forgotten about a talented guy on the rise?

For the stuff above, I will give you some insight so we can all get on with it. Del Rio winning is very predictable, WWE isn't that obvious to give Cena the win in his hometown. For all the people who actually think the 2-21-11 thing is Sting, I am going to borrow a phrase from The Miz.

Really? Not Sting.

So let's get to a real story. Chris Masters is finally going to get a push. When he broke on to the scene as The Masterpiece—a fantastic heel, I might add—I thought he was going to do what has happened to Del Rio. A push right from the start.

Although Cena was on the rise at that time Masters was in the scene with feuds with HBK and, of course, the Masterlock challenge.

There's also the steroid thing. Masters had, I believe, two failed drug tests that led to him being released from his contract.

When he returned he was a face, which really doesn't seem to suite him (imo), but it looks as if the WWE plans to push him as one.

There are a few ways the WWE could do this push.

One that I can see would be a feud with Wade Barrett, I know the plan is to have one with the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, but that is a very, very one sided as we all know who will win it.

Since Masters ran to the ring to help Big Show against the Corre, this would be a perfect way to start this push.

The other one could be a feud with Kingston and the eventual capture of the Intercontinental Championship.

So as Smackdown approaches I am very excited to see the beginning of a great era for Chris Masters.