Friday Night Fight: Chris Arreola Wins Via TKO-1 and Jose Lopez Wins Via TKO-7

Tyler CurtisAnalyst IJanuary 28, 2011

LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 26:  Chris Arreola Throws a left hand against opponent Vitali Klitschko on September 26, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Jacob de Golish/Getty Images)
Jacob de Golish/Getty Images

After a week off FNF is back with a great card. The headline fight is Chris Arreola vs Joey Abell in a 10 round heavyweight clash.

We get the show kicked off with Mike Dallas Jr. vs Jose Lopez. I will be here all night and if you want you can chat in the comment section.

We get off to a very interesting start as Lopez lands a solid shot and then the two men wrestle to the canvas in the first thirty seconds.

After the interesting start Dallas took over the first round and opened a nasty cut over the left eye of Lopez. It was ruled a clash of heads by referee Raul Caiz Jr.

Teddy Atlas points out that Lopez has been involved in head clashes before because of his face forward style. With California rules the fourth round has to start so there can be a decision.

Dallas looks anxious and jumps in totally whiffing and falling on the mat. He followed up with a solid left hand not to long after.

Dallas uses his speed advantage to land a good right hand with just under a minute left in round two. Lopez was wobbled pretty badly at the very end of round two. It probably stole the round for Lopez.

Dallas misses wildly and Lopez counters with a decent flurry after pushing Dallas onto the ropes. Lopez again has Dallas on the ropes again with a minute and a half and lands some solid shots again.

Dallas turns his back and is drilled in the kidney area by Lopez. Caiz Jr. tells him not to turn his back on Lopez.

At this point it is clear that Dallas wants to fight on the outside and has no interest on fighting in the inside. With :20 seconds left Lopez lands a thudding short right hand.

Midway through the fourth round Dallas is slightly out landing Lopez but Lopez is landing the much harder shots of the two fighters. The cut starts to bleed again late in the fourth round.

Dallas is falling in ripe for an uppercut but so far Lopez has not taken advantage of it at all. Dallas came out and started throwing combinations onto the guard of Lopez.

Lopez pinned him on the ropes again and landed a good shot that starts a good 45 second run for Lopez. When Dallas is pressed into the ropes he is at a clear disadvantage and is getting beat there.

For the second time in the round Dallas stops fighting and looks at the referee waiting for a break that doesn’t come. Lopez keeps on fighting and hitting Dallas in the face.

Lopez lands a good counter right with :20 seconds left. Lopez in beating the undefeated Dallas through five rounds.

Dallas started the sixth with a good left hand and a few stiff jabs in the face of Lopez. Dallas looks renewed at the start of the round and was winning the round halfway through.

The cut opened up again but didn’t seem to be bothering Lopez.

They also had a interesting interview with “Lights Out” star Holt McCallany, who knows his boxing better than I expected him to.

Dallas appears to land low twice early in the seventh round but Lopez doesn’t say a word and keeps fighting.

Lopez landed a thudding right with Dallas on the ropes and was mixing body shots with head shots. Dallas again goes down on a slip.

Lopez finishes the fight by stunning Dallas with a left hook and pinning him on the ropes with a few more shots.

Lopez moves to 29-3 (17 KO) with a TKO at 1:46 of the seventh round. Mike Dallas Jr. drops to 17-1-1 (7 KO).

Well Timothy Bradley is screwed as Atlas picks him to win. There goes my pick.

Arreola weighs under 250 pounds for the first time sine 2005 and actually looks like he is in decent shape. Abell has 26 knockouts in his 27 wins and is his southpaw but really doesn’t stand a chance.

Both fighters have 10 first round knockouts for what its worth. Abell lands a solid body shot with a little over two minutes left in the round.

Abell follows that up with a long left hand to the head of Arreola. He lands a good counter left later in the round.

He follows that up with a good left jab and follow up right. He was tagged with a huge right hand that totally bent his head back.

Arreola lands a follow up combination and gets the knockout. He then plants a kiss on the cheek of Abell.

Arreola know has 11 first round knockouts. Abell still has 10.