WWE: Wrestlemania 27 May Be Without a Dream Edge-Christian Matchup

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIIJanuary 21, 2011

Replace Summerslam with Wrestlemania!
Replace Summerslam with Wrestlemania!

Ever since Christian was injured, many fans thought that Captain Charisma himself may return at the Royal Rumble after suffering a pectoral injury, avenging himself by eliminating the man who "injured" him, Alberto Del Rio. 

Alberto Del Rio is a man who seems to have risen to the top very quickly in his first year on TV with the wrestling business. He quickly made a name for himself after injuring and being involved in a rivalry with the WWE's underdog, Rey Mysterio. Del Rio also got into some heat with Christian while Rey Mysterio was "injured," hence why Christian was injured by Alberto Del Rio.

The WWE Slammys came and Edge was one of the presenters for the 'Year's Biggest Meltdown' award, which Edge ended up winning himself. Before presenting the award or the nominees, for that matter, Edge needed a partner to help him present the award. Christian's music then hit and he helped present the award. Christian still looked a bit banged up but he still said that he wasn't done with Del Rio just yet, he was going to get revenge on the man who had sidelined him for about 6 months.

Ever since Christian came out to give that speech, fans started speculating that he was now going to win the Royal Rumble while eliminating Del Rio, who would've most certainly been one of the final few due to being one of the rising stars in the business. Had Christian won, he would most certainly have chosen to face Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 27.

Turns out that fans who predicted a Rumble win for Christian aren't going to get what they want, with reports coming out that he isn't fully recovered to make a return at the Rumble. Although his rehab is on track, it seems unlikely that he'll be coming back soon.

To make matters worse, "soon" for Christian may not be in the form of WrestleMania as he, like Undertaker, is questionable to make it in time. 

With Christian's return for WrestleMania in doubt, some choices for Edge's world title matchup are Dolph Ziggler and Del Rio. This is a really, really bad scenario for everyone involved.

If Ziggler is chosen to face Edge, then the WWE and Ziggler will have to work real hard to make a feud that makes Ziggler look WrestleMania-worthy.

As for Alberto Del Rio, allowing him to main event at WrestleMania in his first ever WrestleMania is a real bad move. Although the man can be in the main event, he's just not worthy yet, since he's not an established "Superstar." Plus, the WWE will have to work even harder to start a feud and build it up well enough to main event WrestleMania.

The only positive that can come out of an Edge-Del Rio match at WrestleMania is that Christian returns to Del Rio's surprise, costing him the match and getting his revenge in the process. This may then lead to a triple threat match between all three men at the next PPV if Christian is ready to go.

But if Christian does make it in time, then he would be the right choice to face Edge, because the two men already have enough history to make a WrestleMania-worthy match and Vince McMahon may get closer to his goal of topping every WrestleMania's buyrates. Oh, and did I mention that this match would lead to Christian's long deserved World Heavyweight Championship title shot?

But for now, let's just hope Christian gets well soon because without him, WrestleMania 27 will have one less dream match.