WWE: Why It Has To Mix Up Rosters ASAP

Adrian ReyesContributor IJanuary 21, 2011

Maybe a Rated RKO Feud? - Courtesy of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.
Maybe a Rated RKO Feud? - Courtesy of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

Is it me, or has WWE creative run out of ideas for both rosters recently?

Aside from the Cena/Punk rivalry escalating on Raw and Ziggler/Edge feud building up on SmackDown, I feel like every other match or segment on either show we have seen at least five times in the past month or so.

Raw has JoMo battle it out with King Sheamus every other week, and the show ends with Miz backing up on the ramp-way clutching his title or Nexus laying out John Cena.

Don’t get me wrong—I’m a huge John Morrison fan and love seeing him get victories over the Celtic Warrior, but after a few times those wins start to lose credibility since we see it over and over.

But that’s not even the easiest way to tell the Raw roster is hurting for new superstars/feuds. That you can figure out by counting how many times Jerry “the King” Lawler has been in the ring the last month and a half with the WWE Champion.

By my count, Lawler is becoming one of the biggest stars on Raw behind Cena, Orton, Punk and Miz. He’s been in more main events than JoMo, and JoMo was the No. 1 contender. I love King, but that’s pretty sad when one of your main attractions each week is part of your announcing team.

Then, SmackDown has Kofi vs. Swagger all the time, as well as Alberto Del Rio outwitting Rey Mysterio for the 20th time. I thought that feud was supposed to be over with their two out of three falls match, but somehow this past week they were involved in a tag match with one another. Also, although Kofi and Swagger put on good matches every time they are in the ring together, that feud is stale.

Raw and SmackDown have some great young talent not being used to full potential, and it's hurting both brands right now. Guys like Ted DiBiase, Tyson Kidd, Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes get pushed for a week or two and then fade away.

Remember that promo between Rhodes and Big Show at TLC that was supposed to spark up a feud? What happened to that? Oh, that’s right, nothing. Who else thought pairing up Maryse with DiBiase would mean a solid push for him? Nothing but humiliation came from that.

By switching up the rosters, new feuds could develop, and some of these guys could actually benefit big-time from it.

Who doesn’t see potential in a McIntyre/Sheamus feud after Sheamus is done with a returning HHH? A feud between the former tag partners in DiBiase and Rhodes, maybe with a US/Intercontinental on the line? A Rated-RKO feud? Del Rio/Morrison? Mysterio/Bryan? Edge/Miz? These are matches I’m sure most of us in the WWE universe would like, if not love, to see.

Now come on, WWE—make it happen!