Raw Is Hornswoggle: Could He Be Our New Raw Mystery General Manager?

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IIJanuary 25, 2011

If anyone wrote this in an earlier article or voiced similar opinions in the comment section, well I believe that last night's Raw was a clear indication that Hornswoggle is the Raw GM.

Not the first time something like this has happened

A) Hornswoggle wins the Cruiserweight title. 

This was the first of many disappointing moments where an event took place and it ended up with Hornswoggle stealing the spotlight. This moment occurred during a 15 man Battle Royal for the Cruiserweight championship. 

With favourites such as Chavo Guerrero, Paul London, Jamie Noble and others all participating in one of the most hyped up matches in Smackdown History. It was only natural for us to be witnessing something special in the making.

However out of nowhere (Under the Ring) Hornswoggle appeared and pinned Chavo Guerrero for the Cruiserweight Title.

At the time, everyone was happy and excited with the win because it was unique and a lot of people disliked Chavo anyway so it was a great way to put Swoggle over.


However upon hearing that Hornswoggle would be the last-ever wrestler to hold the illustrious title which the likes of Rey Mysterio, Jushin Liger, Brian Pillman and other wrestling greats have held over the course of its inception, the world just shook their heads in disgust.


B) Vince McMahon has a new heir to the McMahon Family Throne

Another big storyline with bountiful opportunity and expectations, yet again ripped away from the very hands of the creative team by the man, the myth, the legend that is Hornswoggle. 

This storyline was the start of something which we thought could be really entertaining with perhaps the chance of a wrestler to go out and make name for himself as Mr. McMahon's "illegitimate child."

After several weeks of mind-boggling conspiracies, we were pretty convinced that our man was Mr. Kennedy, as he shared the Kennedy name with Vince (the boss' middle name).  

However, just after we thought we got our dream move, it was announced that the actual son of Vince McMahon was Hornswoggle. Yet another storyline biting the somewhat distant dust.



C) Hornswoggle Joins and Kills the newly revamped D-X

This had to be the worst TV in recent memory, we had to middle-aged men prancing around with a leprechaun, telling the whole world to "Suck It."



So why Hornswoggle?

Firstly, I feel that given how ridiculous and time consuming this storyline has been, it is only natural for WWE to give the General Manager spot to someone who is equally time-consuming and ridiculous. 

I feel it is the perfect angle for him, we all know he has limited speaking capabilities; therefore the simulated computer seems like the perfect fix.

We also know that he has not been seen on the TV as of late, or he has been but in extremely limited capacity. 

Lastly the key aspect that got me thinking about who the Raw GM is, is by the way in which the emails are portrayed.

It is obvious that someone like the Rock, HHH, HBK or anyone for that matter would not write such light hearted and earthy emails without giving some sort of hint as to who they are. 

Below are two videos, One of a lawyer telling Vince McMahon who his son is and another with Michael Cole reading one of the emails.



If you watch both videos, you will see that both men read the emails in a very similar manner.

Another interesting fact is that this angle started the week after Hornswoggle was drafted to Smackdown.

I understand that Hornswoggle has been appearing to much on Smackdown and his performances on the show have not been that of a superstar who has been concealing his identity as the Raw GM, however in some ways, it is the perfect camouflage. 

Short article but it will be interesting see what people think.