Nexus Is Reborn Thanks To Their Deranged Leader CM Punk

Jacob WaringAnalyst IIIJanuary 11, 2011

CM Punk is a man who does not drown himself with a bottle of whiskey nor does he snort cocaine for recreational uses. Punk simply leads a life of straight edge. He follows this lifestyle because it is right for him and not for the sake of following a trend or being a sheep in the crowd.

A man who follows this moral code must be good man who comprehends the goodness of life and people in the most rudimentary forms.

In reality, CM Punk is a deranged individual who thinks he's better then everyone else because he does not give into vices and no, he KNOWS that we all give into. In his mind we are all just mindless sheep who are easily swayed by the likes of John Cena.

In Punk's eyes, John Cena is nothing but a spineless bully who hides behind his lies conveniently called called "hustle, loyalty and respect". Cena did not respect Vickie Guerrero by saying cruel fat jokes targeted at her bodily image. Cena did not show loyalty to his family after that false tear-jerking speech which had him saying he missed his brother baby being born and finally being able to spend time with his family. Instead, he decides to tailgate the WWE. Cena hustled in his match against Wade Barrett where he cross the line by letting over a dozen of chairs fall on him. 

Punk rightfully voiced his displeasure on Cena antics during his time on commentary till one faithful episode of RAW where Punk took a steel chair and connected it to that hypocritical face of the WWE. The following week on RAW Nexis give Cena a typical beatdown but beforehand they offered Cena a truce as the "new management" requested so which of course Cena declined.

CM Punk entered the ring with his trusty steel chair but instead of beating with it he unfolded the chair to sit and ponder the Nexus arm band left by the stable. He picks up the armband which he slides it on his tattooed arm and raised that very same arm in a salute to the Nexus which he now leads.

As we all know, Nexus started out with Wade Barrett as the leader and the entire season one of NXT literally ripping RAW apart limb by limb and as vicious as the destruction was it left an impression upon the millions that occupy the WWE Universe.

The Nexus operated like calculating gang jumping on unsuspecting wrestlers for weeks. Then Summerslam was the kryptonite that crippled the Nexus to the point where they lost all momentum and going from dominate stable to a bunch of weaklings who can't even make a name for themselves!

The downward spiral had some pretty sickening turns for stable as members of Nexus were either exiled out of the stable or were written out due to some unlucky injuries.  Even with members added from Season two of Nexus and the temporary member addition of that hypocrite John Cena, the stable still was weak in the eyes of the fans.

When Punk joined the WWE universe, the IWC and millions of casual fans considered the ramifications of Punk joining Nexus. Would Punk replace Barrett? Will Punk be the savior of the Nexus? Will a lame or superb power struggle take place or will it be the same ol nothing new snore fest?

On the first Raw since witnessing our Straight Edge Savior joining Nexus we all saw the amusing exchange of Punk and Barrett. Barrett was pitifully inches away from going down on his knees and begging to be leader of the Nexus as he does not want to be stuck in the Midcard! Punk being the man that he was offered his spot for the number one contenders match for the WWE title in a cage match.

Barrett painstakingly crawled his way up that chain link fence only for CM Punk to run down the ramp to offer his hand to him only for Punk to tear off Nexus' armband and punch him down. This ended up costing Barrett a chance at the title and being exiled from the very stable he created.   

Now last night the "new" Nexus started the show by giving Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov simplified version of their classic beat downs. While Punk was giving one his heavenly sounding promos, I noticed all the members sporting new merchandise. They were all wearing CM Punk shirt except all the white became yellow. The change of clothing signifies the obvious change in management.

Punk then brings up the initiation of the "new" Nexus which I bet many watching assumed that each member would face an challenging opponent on the Raw roster. He picks Michael McGillicutty to be initiated first by being on the receiving end of a Nexus beat down. McGillicutty willingly took the beat down after some hesitation from his fellow Nexus stablemates. The exclamation point of the beat down was Punk giving McGillicutty the GTS.

As I sat, I contemplated a reply for the particular question in my mind, "What was the point of the initiation if the members already pledge their alliance to Punk?" That question kept replaying like a broken record in my head. Them it hit me and the reasons behind the brutal initiations made perfect sense.

You see, before CM Punk entered the grand scheme of things, Nexus was just a pitiful little puppy whose bark was louder than the bite. Yeah, their beat-downs were bad, but it was like a puppy nipping, which frankly is just annoying but harmless. In order to make a puppy into a savage beast, you have to beat it senseless. You gotta kick it hard and slap it around till it shows it teeth. You must exorcise all the weakness out of the pup to make it transform into an nightmare.

That is what Nexus was a little group of pups! CM Punk had to show no mercy to beat them senseless and to break them mentally. He needed to exorcise weak pup from the cannibalistic wolves of the Nexus. It was an effective method that Barrett should have implemented if he thought the stable as a whole and not ponder to his selfish needs!

The onslaught of lashes pounded on the back of Husky Harris as he endures the tremendous pain. David Otunga slapped The Big Show to get demolished in a devastating fashion. Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel were thankfully weeded out as they were weak, fragile and lacked the conviction to be a part of Nexus; they could not brutalize each other with Kendo sticks.

Once all the initiations were finished, the Nexus was reborn into something much stronger with strong-minded individuals who comprehend the noble cause of the Nexus. All that left is four members of damaged cunning men who are now demented enough to be a force to be feared by all. CM Punk saved the Nexus with his unmatched intelligence and they will save us all!