Current WWE Superstars Being Overshadowed By Bad Decisions Being Made!

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IIJanuary 10, 2011


WWE is a business we all love and admire, however as of late we have all being seeing the negative and flawed side of the business we once loved.

We no longer see nail biting matches, nor do we see excellent build ups to feuds between some of the WWE's elite.

We either get 2-3 main event superstars from each brand battling it out for WWE or WHC title for a whole year except for instances such as Fatal Four Way and Elimination Chamber, where they try and fool us into believing that something will actually happen by introducing new stars into the fold.

This and a lot of other mitigating circumstances are to blame for the rapid decline in ratings and PPV buys as of late.

I understand that everyone on here as heard this before and while to some it maybe getting tiresome to read, however you must realise how much the viewing as of late is hurting the very fabric of its audiences.



WWE in the USA has simply lost its voice as of late when it comes to live wrestling events, they are no more the lively, exciting crowd that once upon a time would make wrestlers look like Immortal Icons.

Bret Hart Return 2010:

Bret Hart Return: 2005

Ever since the Chris Benoit Tragedy in 2007, the WWE has been going through a bad patch, they have lost the trust from its audience as well as the faith from its shareholders.

Obviously, WWE had to make changes, so they decided to cut out blades to the face, blood, chair shots to the head etc, so that they could protect their stars from any future problems.

While I doubt anyone would have a problem with this, I just feel that by taking everything away so quickly, it never give us enough time to get use to the idea.

However on a more troubling note, several more wrestlers have also passed away since Benoit in 2007, including former WWE superstars such as Umaga, Test, Mike Awesome and a few others. 

I believe that the death of Umaga was the straw that broke the camel's back for many mature WWE fans across the globe.

They felt that with Linda McMahon running for Senate alongside all these tragic deaths in the wrestling world, there is obviously no point to continue watching the programme or going to events, because we won't be treated to the same quality that we use to watch on a weekly basis post-Benoit and -Guerrero. 

However in Bizarro World (Canada) as J.R puts it, the crowd is always hot and ready to go. The same can be said about England, Ireland and any other country WWE tours. So is it America or the whole World?

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With the omission of the Hardcore and Cruiser Weight Championship, WWE has really limited its depth in terms of wrestling itself.

Let's face it kids don't go to a wrestling event to watch wrestling, they simply go for the experience, and the chance to see some of their heroes in action.

I am pretty sure they won't be able to tell the difference between a sleeper hold and a crossface chicken wing, compared to the teens of the past.

If you look at the current roster, I mean its not the worst locker room in the world, there are some guys in their that would give the Attitude Roster a run for their money.

For instance, Sheamus is a real star in the making; he has great potential and aura about him, he represents how WWE should develop the stars, Given that HHH had a lot to with it, but still maybe their is some good behind that.

Alberto Del Rio has charisma, passion and character plus he is real good wrestler put him in match against Jericho and you have a real blockbuster.

With such a great roster iced with some veterans such as HHH, Kane, Undertaker, Rey, Edge, Christian, Big Show, etc., WWE should not feel that they are in trouble in terms of putting on great matches, so why are we subjected to 1-minute squash matches or 15-minute matches that ends in a DQ. 

I believe the answer to this falls under the whole PG-era scope, if the product is about portraying a kid-friendly environment, then obviously they are not going to have Cage matches, Hell In a cell matches, Hardcore matches etc on a weekly basis.

For me this is truly sad because I am sure a lot of these superstars really want to go out there and make a name for themselves like Lesnar and others before them.

I think WWE needs to get back in touch with their match quality, I noticed people were commenting and writing articles about how great the Miz's match with Lawler was, while this maybe the case, I feel that this kind of match was something we use to see during the opening of Raw 10 years ago between mid-card wrestlers.

So I think people should not get carried away with current matches being called classic, because it proves that WWE are taking the easy route and playing it safe as oppose to giving the WWE Universe what they want. 

Miz Vs. Lawler:

Raw is War:

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Pushes coming to late/early

I was more than happy to see Kane win the WHC; however, his reign was as bad as any in recent memory. His matches were more about the Undertaker and Paul Bearer than anything, and nothing really to do with him. 

I feel that Kane's big push came to late as it resulted in one of Smackdown's worst years in terms of ratings. While this is not Kane's fault, the blame has to again fall with the bad decisions being made from the higher-ups in the WWE world.

They should have being giving the push to other up-and-coming Smackdown stars such as Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston etc., or even give it to Matt Hardy or MVP, seasoned veterans with still alot to prove.   


Leave the comedy with Santino

I have expressed this point a lot recently but again, to much comedy makes for bad TV. South Park Creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker will tell you the exact same thing about rival cartoon programme Family Guy.

While I don't expect anyone to agree with them, as many of you including myself find Family Guy quite entertaining, the point I am trying to make is that if the Creators of a comedy cartoon are telling the world that too much comedy is bad and that coming from the creators of South Park, then WWE should really take note.

We can't have everyone coming out and thinking they are the next Charlie Chaplin. Keep it minimal, have Santino and Vladimir be the comedy for WWE, they are doing a great job with it and no one seems to complain. 

If this is done then maybe Mark Henry can be taken seriously again or John Cena can perhaps finally put over one decent promo where he does not throw in a joke every 2 seconds. (He is not the Rock, he is John Cena).


Stop shoving New Talent down our throats like Candy

From Nexus, Alberto Del Rio, Drew McIntyre, Tyler Reks, Kaval, well basically NXT being plagued or forced to watch new wrestlers who we have never heard of before come out and attempt to entertain us.

I am all for bringing in the new blood, but do it in small doses so that we can get in tune with the wrestler and the character.

Just like in 2003 when the WWE brought in Cena, Batista and Randy, you don't have to be a WWE fan to see how things worked out for them.

I was just getting use to Sheamus but then before you could say he is a world Champion, Wade Barrett came along to spoil the party.

Also by having a lot of new stars coming in you are neglecting the stars you already have, stars such as Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes, Matt Hardy, MVP, Shelton Benjamin, JOMO, R-Truth and others all should have been the focus of the business.

By neglecting them you end up with scenarios such as Matt Hardy and MVP speaking ill about the company and their problems, which can't be good for business can it. 


How many times can you See Orton and Cena feud?

I realise that there is a lot of love for these two guys in the IWC, however I can't stand watching Orton let alone Cena face one another or others any more.

While this is just my opinion I feel that Orton has nothing more to show, his the type of wrestler that is only good once and after a while he gets stale and boring.

At least with Cena there is a small chance of him turning heel some point in the future, with Orton he has done it all.

My point is both men need a third wheel, not Sheamus, Miz or Wade but somebody with real Main Event status, perhaps Christian, this way you have the good, the bad and the middle guy.

When you get tired of Orton and Cena, then maybe switch things around with Christian. it worked well for HHH, Austin and The Rock. Also by doing this, Christian will finally get the exposure he so desperately needs.


The only thing we are holding onto is The Undertaker's undefeated Streak.

Is it me or is the only thing worth watching in wrestling today is the build up to the Undertaker's match at Wrestlemania. If this is the case with you as well; I share your sympathy.

However I think its quite depressing that the only thing that makes you watch the sport that you use to watch every day religiously is kept alive by one man and his legacy.

Amazing as that maybe I feel that it only proves my point that much more, which is bad decisions need to be put to an end so that other stars can start creating their own legacies. 

It will be a sad day when Taker decides to hand up his boots, more so then any other superstar WWE has ever graced us with.


Divas for me have turned into nothing but gap fillers as of late. 

The funny thing about the Divas is that they should be stealing the shows, while they all extremely beautiful the majority of them are extremely talented in the ring as opposed to the times of Trish, Lita and Victoria. 



While these concerns of mine will not really change the views of script writers and WWE representatives, I assure you this rant was purely me getting stuff out of my chest.

Feel free to comment on whether or not you believe that the talent at hand at the moment is great; and that they could give any Locker room from the past a run for their money; however, the booking and HHH are causing to many rifts into wrestlers' destiny. 


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