Green Bay Packers vs. Philadelphia Eagles: Rodgers vs. Vick As Good As It Gets

Jeremy AlpertSenior Analyst IIJanuary 8, 2011

Wild Card Weekend Matchup:  Green Bay Packers (10-6) at Philadelphia Eagles (10-6)

Rankings based on top 10 QBs, 17 RBs, 28 WRs and 12 TEs

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Green Bay Packers

Packers Schedule 


Opponent Final 2010 Defensive Ranks

Philadelphia Pass Defense, 2010

Yards Allowed/Game T-14th (217 Yds/Gm) 

TDs Allowed T-29th (31)


Philadelphia Rush Defense, 2010

Yards Allowed/Game 15th (110.4 Yds/Gm)

TDs Allowed T-16th (12)


Green Bay Offensive Cast

Aaron Rodgers (QB Playoff Week 1 Ranking: No. 2)

Final 2010 Season Stats: 312/475 for 3,922 yards, 28 TDs & 11 INTs || 64 carries for 356 yards & four TDs

Aaron “it out” Rodgers is what you would call a “pressure QB,” meaning Rodge does his best when the weight of the world is on his shoulders.  In last year’s playoff game against the Cardinals, Aaron went absolutely berserk tossing for 423 yards and four TDs while rushing in another. 

This year, when the Packers needed to win their last two games to get into the playoffs, Rodgers won them both by throwing up a combined 633 yards and five TDs with just one INT.  Make no mistake about it, Rodgers loves this kind of pressure, and against an Eagles pass D that ranks as the third-worst in the league in allowing TD passes, you can bet Aaron “it out” will be airing it out all game long.


Brandon Jackson (RB Playoff Week 1 Ranking: No. 8)

Final 2010 Season Stats: 190 carries for 703 yards & three TDs || 43 receptions for 342 yards & one TD

The Eagles rush D is nothing spectacular, but neither is Brandon Jackson.  I can see him getting a good 15 touches this Sunday, which could net him some decent overall stats, but the chances of him putting up just his second fantasy-worthy game of the season aren’t that high.


John Kuhn (RB Playoff Week 1 Ranking: No. 11)

Final 2010 Season Stats: 84 carries for 281 yards & four TDs || 15 receptions for 97 yards & two TDs

Kuhn may actually have a better chance than Jackson of putting up some good fantasy numbers as he’ll at least be getting the goal line carries.  That said, a chance TD is really all you’d be depending on if you’re playing him on your team.


James Starks (RB Playoff Week 1 Ranking: No. 17)

Final 2010 Season Stats: 29 carries for 101 yards & zero TDs || two receptions for 15 yards & zero TDs

Starks has the tools and may have a pretty good future ahead of him, but there’s no way in hell the Pack will use a rookie RB with just 29 career carries under his belt this weekend.


Greg Jennings (WR Playoff Week 1 Ranking: No. 5)

Final 2010 Season Stats: 76 receptions for 1,265 yards & 12 TDs

I would have ranked Jennings as the top wide receiver this week, but I don’t like his prospects as much with the possibility of Asante Samuel shadowing him all game long.  I’m sure he’ll still see a ton of targets from Rodgers regardless of Samuel, but the chance of him having the best WR game of the weekend is pretty low because of him.


Donald Driver (WR Playoff Week 1 Ranking: No. 12)

Final 2010 Season Stats: 51 receptions for 565 yards & four TDs

Veterans like Driver can’t be underestimated come playoff time, and you can bet Rodgers will use him accordingly.  Driver had a touchdown against the Eagles in the first game of the year, and with Samuel likely to be on Jennings all game, I could easily see another one come his way this Sunday.


James Jones (WR Playoff Week 1 Ranking: No. 16)

Final 2010 Season Stats: 50 receptions for 679 yards & five TDs

Jones probably has a better chance to do some damage than Driver does, though you never quite know what you’re going to get from him on a week-to-week basis.  One thing’s for sure, the Pack will be throwing the ball a ton, so count on Jones to put up at least some sort of decent numbers this weekend.


Jordy Nelson (WR Playoff Week 1 Ranking: No. 18)

Final 2010 Season Stats: 45 receptions for 582 yards & two TDs

Nelson has carved out a nice little niche in this offense putting up career numbers across the board this year.  At 6’3”, 217 pounds, he’s the biggest receiver Green Bay has and could end up as a preferred target for Rodgers in the red zone.


Andrew Quarless (TE Playoff Week 1 Ranking: No. 7)

Final 2010 Season Stats: 21 receptions for 238 yards & one TD

The Eagles tied for last in the league in allowing the most fantasy points to tight ends this season.  Even though Quarless is no Jermichael Finley, he does have some skills as a receiver so despite his rookie status, he might be able to grab a few balls and maybe even a TD if he’s lucky.


Donald Lee (TE Playoff Week 1 Ranking: No. 10)

Final 2010 Season Stats: 11 receptions for 73 yards & three TDs

Lee is a grizzled veteran who will certainly see his fair share of action this Sunday, but his skills are more as a pass blocker than a receiver.  Despite his grabbing two touchdowns the last couple of weeks, don’t expect too much as he only has 11 catches on the season.


Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles Schedule 


Opponent Final 2010 Defensive Ranks

Green Bay Pass Defense, 2010

Yards Allowed/Game: fifth (194 Yds/Gm)

TDs Allowed: fourth (16)


Green Bay Rush Defense, 2010

Yards Allowed/Game: 18th (114.9 Yds/Gm)

TDs Allowed: third (six)


Philadelphia Offensive Cast

Michael Vick (QB Playoff Week 1 Ranking: No. 3)

Final 2010 Season Stats: 233/372 for 3,018 yards, 21 TDs & six INTs || 100 carries for 676 yards & nine TDs

Vick put up his best statistical season as a passer this season while also rushing for the most TDs in his career.  He’s an anomaly that can’t be game-planned for, but it is possible to somewhat contain him. 

The Packers defense will be a real tough test for Mike this weekend as their pass D ranks as one of the best in the game, but Vick has ways of getting around such things.  In their game against Green Bay earlier in the year, Vick ran for 103 yards and passed for a TD in just one half of play, so expect the unexpected from this freak of nature come Sunday.


Kevin Kolb (QB Playoff Week 1 Ranking: No. 10)

Final 2010 Season Stats: 115/189 for 1,197 yards, seven TDs & seven INTs

Michael Vick is a special talent, there’s NO question about that, but for anyone to overlook just how good the Eagles have it with this buttery corn on the Kolb as a backup is unacceptable.  Boo Santa Claus all you want, I’d be happy to take Kevin Kolb off your hands.  Whatever the case, the only way Kolb will get a sniff of a snap under center is if Vick re-injures his quad or Clay Matthews knocks him into next week.


LeSean McCoy (RB Playoff Week 1 Ranking: No. 2)

Final 2010 Season Stats: 207 carries for 1,080 yards & seven TDs || 78 receptions for 592 yards & two TDs

McCoy has a variety of skills that he uses throughout a game and all he needs are enough touches to make them work.  The Eagles have already vowed to use the running game more this weekend, so McCoy could be in for a nice statistical afternoon despite a strong Packers front seven.


Jeremy Maclin (WR Playoff Week 1 Ranking: No. 4)

Final 2010 Season Stats: 70 receptions for 964 yards & 10 TDs

Maclin has had his ups and downs this season, but his 10 touchdowns in 15 games can’t be ignored.  Packers CB Charles Woodson will likely have the pleasure of keeping up with DeSean Jackson on Sunday, so Maclin could be the one Vick looks to more often than not.  If so, expect some big numbers in his stat line when all is said and done.


DeSean Jackson (WR Playoff Week 1 Ranking: No. 7)

Final 2010 Season Stats: 47 receptions for 1,056 yards & six TDs || 16 carries for 104 yards & one TD

DeSean will have fits trying to get open this Sunday if Woodson shadows him all game as expected.  However, his ability to do damage both on reverses and as a punt returner make him different than most wide receivers, so even though he may be shut down in one respect of his game, there’s still two other aspects Green Bay will have to worry about.


Jason Avant (WR Playoff Week 1 Ranking: No. 21)

Final 2010 Season Stats: 51 receptions for 573 yards & one TD

Avant has his good and bad games with his best ones coming on the road.  If the Eagles get down early, Avant will have a chance to make a difference as the Eagles will have to turn to the pass.  Other than that, he’s merely another number on the field.


Brent Celek (TE Playoff Week 1 Ranking: No. 4)

Final 2010 Season Stats: 42 receptions for 511 yards & four TDs

The Packers have had a tough time guarding tight ends this year, so even though Celek has been a big disappointment in the fantasy world this year, he might be able to redeem himself this weekend.  In his last game in Week 16 against the Vikings (Philly rested their starters in Week 17), he had his best game of the year catching 10 balls for 97 yards while tying for the most targets on the team with 12.  Brent will be looking to work off of that momentum on Sunday.