Triple H: The Hate Towards Him from WWE Fans Is About to Return

Jack WindhamAnalyst IJanuary 7, 2011

Triple H
Triple H

Triple H is about to become the most hated man in wrestling again.

After spending years as one of the most hated professional wrestlers on the planet, HHH worked the audience into forgiving him.

He made a face turn, and he avoided the title scene as much as he could. Over the last few years, the hate towards him had subsided.

Well, all that work is about to be flushed down the toilet.

Wrestling fans have a tendency to hate wrestlers who have backstage power.

Shawn Michaels was hated earlier in his career for abusing that power. Same thing with Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan.

Jeff Jarrett was hated because people felt that he was just pushing himself in TNA, a company he founded.

HHH felt the same hate once word spread that he was dating Stephanie McMahon, whose family pushes all the buttons in the universe known as WWE.

With Shane McMahon gone, HHH has been given more power than before. In fact, he's even been given an official job title within the corporation and an office at headquarters.

Even though he's officially in management now, HHH still has plans to return as an active in-ring performer.

Since fans know that he's in management, every single positive thing that happens to his character will be viewed under the microscope.

The critics are at the starting line right now, waiting to pounce on HHH.


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