Manny Pacquiao vs. Shane Mosley: Possible Consequences of the Fight

James Evens@JamesEvensCorrespondent IDecember 30, 2010

Manny Pacquiao Vs Shane Mosley: Possible Consequences of This Fight

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    Manny Pacquiao is set to face boxing great Sugar Shane Mosley in May in what will be a great fight for Pacman's welterweight title. 

    As we gear up for the fight, which is set for May in Las Vegas, there is a lot of speculation surrounding the fight.

    Here are some scenarios for the fight and how they will have a consequence on the sport.

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1. Pacquiao Wins By K.O.

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    A lot of people are predicting that Manny Pacquiao is going to win this fight by knockout.  If Manny Pacquiao wins this fight by knockout, a lot of things are going to take place.

Sugar Shane Seriously Inured

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    This could happen if he gets knocked out. Shane Mosley is getting old and his speech is already not doing so well.  If he doesn't watch it, he could end up with a problem.

    One big blow by Manny could cause that to be further amplified.  

Shane Mosley Retires After Losing to a Great Fighter

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    If Shane Mosley is knocked out in this fight, it's time to hang up the gloves.  Mosley is getting older and his career is almost over.  

    Going out losing to Pacquiao wouldn't be a horrible outcome.  At least he would have lost to the best in the world.

Mayweather Vs Pacman

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    This is what we all want to see.  Two of the best pound for pound fighters of all time going at it in the ring for the title of the the best in the world.  

    Mayweather beat Mosley by decision earlier in his career and it would prove that Pacquiao was a better fighter than Mayweather, which would lead to the fight, I hope.

    It would set PPV records and really be a great fight.

2. Pacman Wins By Decision

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    This is the prediction that I will make for this fight.  Pacman is just too strong for Mosley to defeat him, but I don't think he will knock out Mosley.  He won't take the chance of getting knocked out to knock the other man out.

    Pacman will fight conservatively. 

Pacquiao Looks Great Again

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    Fighting Mosley will make Pacquiao look very good.  Mosley just isn't the fighter he once was and to think that he has a great chance at beating Pacman is crazy.

    Winning this fight will make him look even better in the eyes of boxing fans.

3. Mosley Wins By Split Decision

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    I just can't see Mosley winning by unanimous decision.  If he is going to win, he will either knock Pacman out, or he will win via split decision.  

    This would lead to some major problems.

Mosley Vs Pacman 2

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    A split decision would for sure lead to another fight between these two legends.  This is not what everyone wants to see, and it's doubtful it will happen.

3. Mosley Knocks Out Pacman

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    If Mosley beats Pacman it would be one of the biggest upsets in boxing history.  It would truly be a stunner and would shake the world.

    It would be headline news and be all over the Internet message boards and television stations.

Mayweather Vs Pacman

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    Yeah, you aren't seeing double.  Throughout the contract notifications for the fight between Mayweather and Pacman, Mayweather has been dodging this fight like a left hook. 

    If Mosley knocks out Manny, then he would be more willing to fight Pacman.

Mosley Saves Boxing

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    Donald Miralle/Getty Images

    If Pacman is knocked out, it will save boxing. Hear me out on this one.  Boxing is quickly taking a backseat to MMA.  The sport needs something that will change that and this will help.

    Manny Pacquiao is a fan favorite, everyone seems to love the guy, but if he is knocked out, it will draw more attention to the sport, rather than Pacquiao just winning another long fight.  

    Mosley would change it up and cause for the sports world to be taken by surprise, once again putting boxing in the driver's seat.