NFL Game Preview: Buffalo Bills at New York Jets

Walker DanielsCorrespondent IDecember 29, 2010

Mark Sanchez
Mark SanchezNick Laham/Getty Images

Betting Online Overview:

New York Jets’ head coach Rex Ryan seemed awfully happy when his team lost their second game in three weeks, but yet still found a backdoor into the playoffs. The offshore NFL betting crowd is not impressed with the Jets chances going into the 2010 playoffs, regardless of how confident and happy Ryan seemed to be.  The NFL scores that the Jets have posted lately are not impressive and neither is the play of their quarterback Mark Sanchez.

When Ryan Fitzpatrick took over as quarterback of the Buffalo Bills in week three, there was a noticeable change in the team. The offense seemed more confident and a win was inevitable. For a stretch in the second half of the season, the betting experts were impressed with the Bills progress. There was even talk that, if there is a season in 2011, the NFL predictions might find the Bills fighting for a playoff spot. However, when the Bills beat themselves with seven turnovers in week 16 against the New England Patriots, reality came crashing back down on western New York.


The Jets fans are not nearly as satisfied as Rex Ryan seems to be. Quarterback Mark Sanchez has thrown away two games in the last three weeks with bad decisions and untimely interceptions. The Jets cannot hope to go very far in the playoffs with a quarterback whose confidence is shot and accuracy is now questionable. Sanchez and the Jets offense need to step up in this game in order to build some positive momentum heading into the playoffs.

Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has become a celebrity in Western New York. That is what winning will do. His beard has become a thing of legend in Buffalo and has earned Fitzpatrick the nickname “The Amish Rifle.” But, Fitzpatrick seemed to be in a haze against the Patriots. Fans are used to the Bills offense getting off to a slow start. They can even forgive a couple of early Fitzpatrick interceptions because the team has shown it can recover from them. Yet, nothing about the Bills offense was impressive or inspiring against the Patriots. The turnovers and penalties came back with a vengeance reminding Bills fans of what they had become used to the past few seasons.


Another aspect of the Jets game that needs to pick itself up is the defensive secondary. Wide receivers from all over the league are finding it a bit easier to dock on Revis Island this season. Both cornerbacks Antonio Cromartie and Darrelle Revis have shown signs of inconsistency that could be a problem for the Jets in the playoffs.

The Bills need a complete overhaul on defense. They put absolutely no pressure on Tom Brady at all in week 16 and the secondary has been giving up big plays all season. The Bills have the worst run defense in the league and that is something the excellent running game of the New York Jets will exploit.

The Bottom Line:

Picking a Bills game can be difficult because you never know which Bills team is going to show up each week. This week it may not matter because the Jets will have their house in order and want to make a statement in the last game of the season.

Pick: New York Jets