It's Do or Die for the Kansas City Royals

Travis NelsonSenior Analyst ISeptember 8, 2008
Looking back, sure, you might have suspected that Berroa’s staunch anti-walk
platform could cost him in future years. Looking back, sure, you could have
suspected that since he was two years older than originally thought (25 instead
of 23) that the good would not last. Looking back, yeah, maybe we should have
seen imminent disaster approaching. But, honestly, no one in Kansas City was
looking for signs of the apocalypse in 2003. Those were heady days. Angel Berroa
could have worn a T-shirt on the field that read, “Enjoy me now because man oh
man am I going to suck starting next year,” and we would not have noticed it.

Subject: boys of summer are the boys in blue!

The boys of this summer come in a shade of royal blue! You guessed
it! The Kansas City Royals are going to take their small payroll and shock
the world! It seems everybody has completely discounted the "miracles" and
continue to be skeptical! When the Royals sweep the Yankess in August over
six games, everybody will be forced to jump in the KC bandwagon! Keep
doubting the Royals and keep watching them win!

We will all "believe"!

  • They lose an appalling 104 games in 2004, and then charge to a 56-106 record in 2005.
  • Not happy with Tony Muser? Here's Tony Pena. How about Buddy Bell?
  • Think we wasted a lot of money on 1st round high school pitcher Mike Stodolka? Let me introduce you to Colt Griffin!
  • You think Neifi Perez stinks? How about Angel Berroa? Not lousy enough? Meet Tony Pena Jr!
  • Does signing Mike Sweeney to a long-term deal seem like a poor investment? Here's Jose Guillen!
  • Not happy with the return from the Johnny Damon trade? Well, look how little we got back for Carlos Beltran!
  • Not sure Scott Elarton was a good idea? Here's Brett Tomko!
  • You think Hideo Nomo is washed up? Umm...OK, well, you got me there.

Door #1: Goat.
Door#2: Broken blender.
Door #3: Jeff Fulchino.