Top Sports Figures On Santa's Naughty List 2010

Seth NewmanCorrespondent INovember 30, 2016

Top Sports Figures On Santa's Naughty List 2010

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    It's the most wonderful time of the year. Boys and girls all over the world are wondering what Santa will bring them christmas morning but these athletes and coaches are getting nothing but coal in their stockings after being naughty this year. Lets begin reading Santa's naughty list this year. 

Chael Sonnen

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    After months of trash talking about how he would throw a retirement party for UFC middle weight champion Anderson Silva, Chael Sonnen backed up most of his words before tapping in the final minutes of the 5th round. He sure gained a lot of respect from most people until he tested positive for steroids after the fight. He has been suspended since then. 

Vince Young

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    Vince Young's year has gone down hill. He was shown on security cameras at a strip club throwing punches at another person. Why did he throw these punches? The person did the long horn sign upside down. Since then he has been in numerous verbal spats with coach Jeff Fisher and has been placed on IR. His future remains bleak in Tennessee. 

Tiger Woods

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    Tiger Woods sure was a naughty athlete in 2009 but it didn't have repercussions until 2010. Along with going winless in 2010, checking into sex rehab, he also finalized his divorce with his wife Elin Nordegren. The settlement was $750 million. In the settlement Tiger is banned from bringing his girlfriends to meet his kids. He can only have his kids meet his new interest if he marries. 

Sal Alosi

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    Jets strength coach Sal Alosi set up a wall of players on the sideline during the Miami Dolphins vs New York Jets game with intentions of interfering with the players. Sal Alosi did the dirty work himself tripping Miami Dolphins player Nolan Carroll. He has since been suspended indefinitely and fined 25 K. 

Floyd Mayweather

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    With Mayweather's racial rant to kick off the year he didn't stop there. He is facing felony theft, domestic violence, two felony coercion charges, and three harassment charges. If convicted he faces up to 34 years in prison. He also won't fight Manny Pacquiao. 

Lawrence Taylor

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    I'm sure Lawrence Taylor has been on Santa's naughty list a few times already but he continues to get on it. This time he was charged with statutory rape of a 16 year old girl. Along with paying her to have sex with him. Taylor has since plead not guilty. 

Bruce Pearl

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    Bruce Pearl is without a doubt a entertaining coach. He loves to entertain people, the problem is he needs to know when not to entertain certain people. For example having recruits over for a barbeque is a violation of the NCAA. He has been suspended the first 8 games of the SEC and had his salary reduced by 1.5 million. 

Pat McAfee

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    A punter on the naughty list? What did he do, he must of been arrested for being found drunk and shirtless in a swimming canal at 5:15 am. Yeah that's pretty much what happened... he was suspended for his actions for one game. 

Cortland Finnegan And Andre Johnson

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    Cortland Finnegan always brings out the best in people. Apparently the best in Andre Johnson is a pro boxer. After a game full of trash talking and big hits, the two exchanged fists. 

Brett Favre

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    I'm sure you all saw this one coming. Brett Favre in the news again? Yup. Favre decided to start sending dirty text messages to Jenn Sterger who worked for the New York Jets while Favre was the quarterback. He also apparently sent dirty pictures to her phone as well. Favre's 2010 season has been nothing but a disaster. I'm sure Viagra will think twice before asking Favre to promote their product. 


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