Celebrity Boxing Matches We'd Pay To See, Including Marky Mark vs. Will Smith

James Evens@JamesEvensCorrespondent IDecember 23, 2010

Celebrity Boxing Matches We'd Pay To See, Including Marky Mark vs. Will Smith

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    With all the glam that is known has Hollywood, there is a lot of drama which leads to things such as TMZ and Entertainment News.

    As a Sports Fan, why do we even need all of this drama, let's just put them inside of a ring and let them duke it out in a good old fashioned slobber knocker. 

    Here are some celebrity boxing matches that we'd pay to see.

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Posthumous: Dr. Dre vs. Eazy E

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    This would have been one heck of a fight.  I mean both of these guys are "Straight Out of Compton" and they were both crazy dudes back in the day.

    They were once both members of one of the most prolific and controversial hip-hop groups of all time the NWA

    After a while, a feud broke out between these two MCs and that ended the NWA as we all knew it.

    Wow what a fight this would have been, both guys thinking they are tough as nails, and nothing separating them but a pair of gloves, this would have been one heck of a fight

Lauren Conrad vs. Heidi Montag

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    Well considering most boxing fans are men, this is an obvious YES! These two stunning reality TV stars from the Hills are always after each-other in the press.

    They are constantly dissing one another and frequently take cheap shots at each-other.

    These two Celebs used to be close friends so that would make the fight even more passionate.

David Letterman vs. Jay Leno

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    Both of these big mouths really should have fought years ago, but better late than never.

    There feud started when Jay Leno stepped in on Letterman's job at NBC, after Leno was given the Tonight Show job.

    This prompted a Letterman move to CBS and a sparring for ratings ever since.

    Guys, if you're reading this just imagine the ratings if you simulcasted your boxing match. 

    The question in this match would be if Leno could protect his chin or not.

Christina Aguilara vs. Britney Spears

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    This cat-fight was quite a good one back in the day.  Both of these singers were members of the Mickey Mouse club where their feud started.

    It was escalated however when both of their solo careers shot through the roof.  They feuded back and forth for years until Britney had more important things to deal with, like cutting off her hair, and getting married in Vegas.

    I still want to see these two beautiful women duke it out though, just no punches to the face please.

    I think I would have to take Christina in the one, just because she has a Genie in a Bottle, and Britney keeps begging her to Hit Me Baby One More Time.

Posthumous: Notorius B.I.G. vs. Tupac

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    Tupac and B.I.G. had one heck of a feud. The two were once friends, but there was always turmoil between the two.  

    Tupac was a west coast rapper, while B.I.G. was a an east coast rapper.

    After Tupac was shot and blamed it on B.I.G. it was on.

    This feud ended in tragedy, as both men ended up being murdered in drive bye shootings. Both cases still remain open.

Shanna Moakler vs. Paris Hilton

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    Both of these actresses came into a heavily documented feud, following a split between Moakler and her husband Travis Barker.  Barker was seen around town with Hilton and it was on like Donkey Kong.

    It all culminated in a night-club in Hollywood when the two ran into each-other.  There was some sort of scuffle, so why not just finish it in the ring!

Kanye West vs. Christopher Boykin

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    This is just a dream of mine.  The two have no previous feuds, I just know I would like to see Kanye get knocked-out.  

    Boykin, or Big Black, is a big man that is a professional body-guard. He was a star in the MTV show Rob and Big and had a great career.

    Boykin would dominate Kanye and I know a lot of Taylor Swift fans would tune in to watch this one.

Michelle Obama vs. Sarah Palin

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    What's wrong with women these days, they are so jealous. Palin and the First Lady have been sparring ever since the election.

    It has been quite the media war especially since Palin now has her own TV show to take shots at the first lady whenever she feels like it.

    Let's just let these two women go at it in the ring and to the victors goes Alaska!

Stevie Williams vs. Three Camera Men

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    Stevie Williams has not only served as Tiger Woods' caddie for the last decade, but he has also served as his body guard.  

    Williams has gotten into multiple scuffles with camera men and it would just be fun to see him go up against three, since I think he could be them.

    In fact, I'd take Williams against four.

Rosie O'Donald vs. Donald Trump

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    I can see it now, the Battle of the Donalds!

    Generally, one wouldn't be in favor of a boxing match between a man and a woman, but think about it, this one is okay.  I would actually probably take Rosie in this one.

    This would be a fun fight to watch, as personally I can't stand either of them, so it would just be a win-win situation for me.

Bill O'Reilly vs. Bill O'Reilly (Steven Colbert)

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    This would be absolutely epic.  If you have yet to see their on-air appearance together, where Colbert impersonates O'Reilly's on the Factor, watch the video above.  It is a classic feud and bringing it to the ring would be a must see for everyone.

Glenn Beck vs. Barack Obama

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    These two do not like each-other.  It has calmed down now, but they still are after each-other in the media.  

    Beck the right winged Tea-Party front man is after Obama and it would just be a great fight to see.

    Glenn Beck vs Barrack Obama just the thought of it is awesome.

Tom Brady vs. Justin Bieber

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    Yeah everyone wants to see this one, just because they know that the 16-year-old wanna-be thug, would get smashed by Brady.

    Brady the highly athletic quarterback would just take care of Bieber and it would be quick.

    Bieber started this mini-feud when he criticized Brady's hair, like Bieber has any room to talk.

    If the WWE were promoting this match it would be a SHAVE YOUR HEAD MATCH!

Rush Limbaugh vs. Donovan McNabb

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    Maybe Mike Shanahan could be in the Limbaugh corner in this one.

    During Limbaugh's brief stint with ESPN as an analyst, he made some comments that were construed as racist about Donovan McNabb.

    Long and short, Limbaugh said that McNabb was overrated in the media because he was black.

    This would be a heck of a fight, but more like a bully beat-down, but with the great decision maker Shanahan (sarcasm) in his corner, maybe Limbaugh could win the fight, or maybe be replaced by Rex Grossman.

Shaq vs. Kobe

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    I mean yeah, these are two athletes, but they just couldn't get along when they were in LA.  Behind the scenes we heard that Kobe didn't like not being in the spotlight 24-7.

    Just imagine a big man vs a little man fight in which was for all the rings inside the ring.

Marky Mark vs. Will Smith

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    This one might actually become reality.

    Both fighters have been trained for boxing in movies as Mark was trained for the fighter and Will was trained for Ali.

    A promoter actually offered the fighter a million dollars to fight, and it could become a reality, wow would that be fun!