Mouthing Off: And I Quote..."You Stink Michael Cole!"

Frankie GargiuloContributor IIIDecember 21, 2010

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Is it just me or has Michael Cole overstayed his welcome as a WWE RAW commentator?

Since this past summer, Cole has gone from being a “so-so” announcer on RAW, to a heel broadcaster with the Daniel Bryan storyline, then developed into the voice of the General Manager of Raw and now has developed into being the lackey for The Miz.

So, what exactly is Michael Cole’s character?

Plus, his flow with “The King” is off constantly.

Which I believe is the reason why Vince stuck Punk as a commentator (not only due to his recovery), but to save the announce team. Punk has shed a constantly new and upbeat charisma to the Raw announce team.

Plus, it’s guaranteed that one way or another you will hear a one–liner from Punk that will end up getting stuck in your head for days (i.e. “John, you spilt my DIET SODA.”)

But if Vince had to substitute Cole for someone else, I’d definitely go with Matt Striker.


Striker’s past in-ring ability and his overall use of the English language with pro-wrestling.

For those of you who are wrestling history buffs, this is a good time to flip through the greatest announcer that ever lived section entitled “Gordon Solie” of your Professional Wrestling History Books.

Long ago, before the Era of 3:16 and just a little bit before Hulkamania took over, Gordon Solie was the wrestling face of broadcasting.

Covering close to every single wrestling territory across the United States and the man who coined the phrase “Crimson Mask,” Solie simply became the quintessential (Yes, a Joel Gertner word for my ECW fans) idea of what a wrestling announcer should be.

In my perspective, this person sets foot over at Smackdow in Matt Striker!

Plus, there are only a few storylines a booker can go with when it comes to getting your announcers involved with storylines.

In other words, there are only a few people you can “hate” to see (like the storyline of Cole and Bryan and how he didn’t like him) and only a few storylines in which you can like a wrestler more than others (i.e. The Miz).

So unless they continue with this mysterious Raw GM storyline for another two years, there’s really not a lot they can do for Cole, or as I like to refer him as “Mike Adamle #2.”