Edge: How WWE Handed Him The World Title Because Of a Lack Of Options

Jack WindhamAnalyst IDecember 21, 2010


Edge was given the belt; he didn't earn it.

Don't get me wrong, Edge is a hell of a performer. He's good enough in the ring to put on entertaining matches (even classic ones, if he's in there with the right opponent). Very few people possess the skills on the microphone as he does. Quite simply, the man whose real name is Adam Copeland gets the wrestling business.

However, that's not the reason why he hoisted up the World Heavyweight Championship on Sunday night at the Tables, Ladders and Chairs pay per view.

WWE gave Edge the title simply because Kane had grown stale and there was not another viable option available.

Let's take a look at the other candidates.

Alberto Del Rio: Proved that he can hang with the big boys at TLC, but it's just too soon.

Big Show: Reliable performer, but he shouldn't be around the belt right now.

Drew McIntyre: Perhaps some day, but that day isn't anytime soon.

Jack Swagger: He has main event potential, but he simply has lost too much credibility and momentum.

Kofi Kingston: Had the writers not given up on him, Kingston would have been a tremendous option.

Rey Mysterio: Good candidate if he didn't need to take time off to heal injuries.

Undertaker: WWE needs him for Wrestlemania, so they're not about to rush him back any time soon.

As you can see, Edge is the only candidate that makes sense right now.


Jack Windham is the lead writer at WrestlingRevealed.com.