When Old Tag Teams Collide: Why The Next Few Months Is Must Watch TV!

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IIDecember 21, 2010

After TLC 2010, the WWE Universe saw two unlikely victors during the World Championship matches.

The first of two saw The Miz regain his WWE Title after he defeated Randy Orton. The second saw Edge finally capture the World Heavyweight Championship, after months of searching by climbing the ladder and winning the gold, thus ending the reign of the Big Red Machine.

In other developments, we saw John Morrison defeat Sheamus to become the Number Contender for The Miz's WWE Championship in a match many argued was one of pure class and entertainment. 

This turn of events meant that we will be witnessing the old tag team of Jomo and The Miz battle it out at this year's Royal Rumble extravaganza.

The WWE has always excelled at feuding one tag team member with another. We have seen this with the likes of The Hardy Boyz, The Rockers, Brothers of Destruction, Edge and Christian and a host of others.

The Question is can this match live up to the hype from not only the IWC, but from both men themselves.

John Morrison VS. The Miz

Jomo has been with the WWE for eight years now.

He has won the ECW Championship the IC Championship and multiple Tag Team Titles. He has proven to everyone that he has amazing wrestling ability, the look and the charisma to go far in the company.

The Miz, while not the most athletic in the company, I am pretty sure that he will excel at delivering this feud from an entertainment standpoint; his main duties one would think is to entice the crowd, ensure that they can get a story from both men who have a chequered yet familiar past.

The Miz is great in promos and I am sure he will do well in that aspect. John Morrison however, will be the guy that can deliver the "OMG" moments in their match by delivering his 5 star move sets onto the Miz.

I feel that while it is extremely early to tell whether or not this match will live up to the hype, I do however feel that within the next few months of wrestling, we will witness the new Orton and Cena of the business.

Why this feud will be a flop?

Well, besides their obvious qualities that make them stand out from the rest, I believe that both men don't have the ability to attract any sort of attention from the crowds.

With both men new to the WWE Title scene, one has to assume that by having the match at the Rumble it has allowed the WWE to get the feud out of the way before the Rumble event itself.

This way, they can calculate whether or not the audience likes it or whether or not it is a massive waste of time. Also, with Wrestlemania only a few months away, one has to assume that one of these men will be headlining the event, With Elimination Chamber in February, we can already sort of tell how the cards will turn out before Wrestlemania, so expect to be ready for one rocky yet entertaining three months.

Edge VS. Christian

While this one is only speculation, I predict that with the Rumble so soon and with Edge as the World heavyweight Champion, Christian has to be a favourite to win the Rumble.

With Edge most likely to feud with Kane for the next couple of weeks and with the Elimination Chamber so soon, we can already predict that the contenders for that match will be Edge, Kane, Del Rio, Rey, Swagger and Kofi. 

If both men were to feud again, this time for the World Heavyweight Gold, we can already tell that the build up and the story that both men can create will be of absolute class.

Both men have amazing chemistry with one another and have a keen knowledge of how to use it against the audience.

Let's just hope that they don't bury this feud like Matt and Jeff Hardy two years ago.

Nexus VS. Nexus

While I feel that Nexus have a long way to go, especially seeing as how Wade Barrett has yet to win the WWE Championship; I do, however, foresee a match squaring Wade against a member of Nexus who perhaps is looking to turn face or challenge Wade's Power for the top position, given how he lost to Cena at TLC.

While this match won't exactly create any shock waves, I do see it as a catalyst for something big to happen in the future. 

Other Possible Tag Team Bouts we could see in the the next few months:

CM Punk VS. Kofi Kingston

Undertaker VS. Kane

Anyway, these were just my predictions for the coming months. I hope to see a lot of them take practice from a personal stand point, feel free to comment and thanks for reading.

Looks like the tag team division worked after all.