Minnesota Vikings Joe Webb Has Hidden Fantasy Football Value

Patrick Scott PattersonContributor IIDecember 17, 2010

While not a high-upside QB fix, Joe Webb has some hidden fantasy value while listed as both a QB and WR
While not a high-upside QB fix, Joe Webb has some hidden fantasy value while listed as both a QB and WRTom Dahlin/Getty Images

With Brett Favre still nursing a shoulder sprain and Tarvaris Jackson going on injured reserve, it looks like the Minnesota Vikings are going to give young Joe Webb a go this Sunday as the starting quarterback.

With the fantasy football playoffs fully underway, any news of a major change at a starting position is of interest to fantasy owners, especially if they are hurting at a key position due to injury.

I want to make it clear that if you need help at quarterback, Webb is likely not your best option.  For owners looking to have insurance against Aaron Rodgers concussion or Donovan McNabb's benching, you might look to see if someone like Jon Kitna is still on the wire. 

However, many fantasy leagues, including Yahoo!, are listing Webb as eligible at both the QB position AND the WR position. 

Webb was originally drafted as a wide receiver, and therefore is available to play in both positions.  This provides managers with a chance to cover for poorly producing or injured players at the WR and even FLEX positions.

In leagues where touchdowns count heavily in a player's score, this is a unique opportunity.  Should Webb score one or two touchdowns while playing quarterback, his fantasy numbers can help out your team.

For example, in one of my leagues it is very difficult for an offensive player to score many fantasy points unless they find the end zone.  In this league, I have to play three WR positions.  

I was able to smoke through the league almost untouched with Andre Johnson, Terrell Owens and Dez Bryant as my three WR studs.  When Bryant was injured a few weeks ago, I was forced to scramble.  Without much on the wire I was looking at either Jacoby Ford or Anthony Armstrong to cover for Bryant's spot this week.  Both are talented players, but they are not guaranteed to get scoring opportunities that I'll need to win and advance to my league championship.

Webb could fill in for me in one of those WR spots and gain points for me for whatever he does on the field as quarterback, so I picked him up in that league.  I also picked him up in my other league, where I have a stacked roster, just to ensure nobody can knock me out with a slick sleeper move.

Webb is still available in the majority of leagues as of this writing.  He is a risk, but his hidden fantasy value might make for a memorable sleeper moment.