Martin RodriguezContributor ISeptember 6, 2008

Yes, ladies and gentlmen the 2008 season is upon us! The best time of the year has just begun, NFL Football is here.  There has been great anticipation building up during the off season and all 32 teams have something to prove.  But who comes in as the top contenders? Who comes in as the most talented? Any fan can make an argument for those two questions.  Does your team have what it takes to reach the Superbowl? Better yet, will your team be victorious after week one? Lets see MY picks: *noted in bold lettering*

NFL Season 2008:

Week 1

Thursday 4Sep08

Redskins 7 v.s. Giants 16 (It was a given here, the G Men were underappreciated all off season and despite losing to valuable defensive assests they proved to be reigning NFL champs in game 1.  p.s. those Redskins look uncomfortable.)

Sunday 7Sep08

Lions v.s. Falcons (Not much to see here, except for maybe Chargers from back up Michael the Burner Turner.  The Falcons are going through their rebuilding stage and will not be up to par come game time sunday.)

Bengals v.s. Ravens (Two teams hurting due to lack of synchronization.  I'll give the edge to the Bengals because I still believe Carson Palmer is an extraordinary QB and he'll exploit the Ravens' ailing defense.  Ray Lewis is getting old.)

Seahawks v.s. Bills (Seahawks have the mature and experienced team.  A new running back could spark new hope.)

Jetsv.s. Dolphins (Jett Favre v.s. a regrouping Miami defense? Hmmm...but how about Chad Pennington v.s. his former team? Favre v.s. Pennington? I'll take the legend.)

Chiefs v.s. Patriots (F.Y.I the Pats will not go 16-0 this season!! With that said, they're still decent enough to beat the Chiefs.)

Bucs v.s. Saints (Going to be a good one.  The Bucs have a solid defense and a workhorse of a running back but.....The Saints have multiple weapons on offense and they revamped their defense.  Look for Brees and Shockey to form a tight bond.)

Rams v.s. Eagles(I'd like to see Mcnab have a good year without getting hurt.  His first game should be a scrimmage.)

Texans v.s. Steelers (Big Ben will be better than he's ever been.  The Steelers always have a strong D and their offensive is as explosive as it's ever been.)

Jagsv.s. Titans (I'm still upset that the Jags dumped Leftwich (remember Marshall?) The Jags are the 3rd Best Team in the AFC, the Titans could give them a run, but Vince Young is still too young to carry his team to the promiseland.)

Cowboys v.s. Browns(I'm going out on a limb with this one.  This is m upset pick of the week.  The Boys have it all, felons, primadonnas and QB's who buckle under pressure.  The Browns looked solid last season and Derrek Anderson proved to be a valuable QB.  I'm giving the edge to the Browns because they're talented, young, hungry and underrated.)

Panthers v.s. Chargers(The Panthers bring a very talented team to Qualcom, but they also bring team quarrels.  The Chargers have LT and he's never been this motivated to play football.  He'll prove he's no softy.  Rivers looks great, his receiving core looks stellar, their average height is 6'3.  The Defense looks solid, Merriman made his decision, which may not be the best one but I have faith in Lights Out!!)

Cardinals v.s. Niners (Coin toss - heads - Cards!)

Bears v.s. Colts (2007 SB rematch.  Look for it to be the same end state, Manning lights up the Bears' defense and Orton/Grossman have troubles throwing the ball.)

Vikings v.s. Packers (How do you run Brett Favre out? Rodgers looks scared out there.  The Vikings will be the best team in the NFC North.)

Broncos v.s. Raiders (State rivals are too talented to loose this one. Lets see if Russell has the playbook down pat, if not, give the ball to Mcfadden.)

And there you have it people, my game 1 picks.  For all you Cowboy fans who want to comment on the upset that I see happening, we'll discuss it Sunday night over a beer and cyber insults.  This is Marty signing out, Go BOLTS!!