NHL Christmas: Letters To Santa From Around The League

Erik PaulCorrespondent IDecember 17, 2010

NHL Christmas: Letters To Santa From Around The League

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    The holiday season is upon us! Yes NHL players, fans, GMs, and coaches, get out your pens and paper and start writing those letters to Santa Claus!

    Every team around the league has at least one thing on their Christmas wish list, and some have substantially more than that. Let's take a look at what would make each team's Christmas extra special this year!

Anaheim Ducks

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    Dear Santa,

    I know my defense has been bad this year; okay, really bad, but if you can help me, I know they'll be good next year. My Christmas wish is for you to send Brett Favre to Scott Niedermayer's house, to convince him that it's perfectly acceptable to retire, then un-retire, several times.

    Also, if you're on good terms with the ghost of Christmas future, could you have him pay Scott a visit as well, and show him how bad things will become if he doesn't agree to play another five years?

    -Bob Murray & Randy Carlyle

Atlanta Thrashers

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    Dear Santa,

    We here at the Thrashers have been very good this year, better than anyone expected! Thanks again for ignoring Don Waddell's wish last year for Ilya Kovalchuk to sign the 10 year, $100 million contract with us; you really helped me dodge a bullet on that one!

    This year, I'd like you to make Atlanta have severe winter weather, Canada style, to the point that people in Atlanta start to care about hockey. We've got a good team, and still no fans. Also, if you could bail Thrash out of jail, that would be great.

    -Rick Dudley

Boston Bruins

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    Dear Santa,

    Please, please, please let us find a way to win the second round of the playoffs this year. The Carolina debacle two years ago, when we were the favourites, and we battled back to force game seven, then lost in overtime on a goal by a guy who should've been suspended, was tough to take. Then, blowing a three-nothing series lead, and a three-nothing game seven lead, to the Flyers, was just torture.

    So, the only thing I really want this year is a second round playoff win. And, if you want to throw a little cap space in my stocking, I wouldn't complain about that.

    -Peter Chiarelli

Buffalo Sabres

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    Dear Santa,

    I am starting to feel like Tyler Myers is past his prime. Could you please make him 18 again?

    -Lindy Ruff

Calgary Flames

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    Dear Santa,

    We really need a new GM; someone who isn't an amateur magician. Making Olli Jokinen disappear was impressive, but making him reappear was just sad. Please help us before Darryl Sutter trades away our next two first round picks for Phil Kessel.

    -Flames fans


    Dear Santa,

    Please don't let my brother Darryl get fired; I know I'd be next.

    -Brent Sutter

Carolina Hurricanes

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    Dear Santa,

    We're thrilled with Jeff Skinner so far, and we would just love if you could make sure he's as clutch in the playoffs as Eric Staal and Cam Ward.

    -Jim Rutherford, Paul Maurice, Hurricanes fans

Chicago Blackhawks

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    Dear Santa,

    Thank you for the Stanley Cup last year! After that, we feel like we were so generous to the rest of the league, especially Atlanta, that we deserve a few presents this year!

    Could you please give Stan Bowman some cap space to work with, solid goal-tending, and a healthy Pat Kane and Marian Hossa?

    -Hawks fans

Colorado Avalanche

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    Dear Santa,

    Could you please give me a defenseman who is actually good defensively? Robyn Regehr would be perfect.

    -Joe Sacco

Columbus Blue Jackets

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    Dear Santa,

    Could you please make Steve Mason a rookie again? It's like he can hardly stop a beach ball these days, and we remember the good old days when he had 10 shutouts! If Carey Price can turn things around, we think Steve can do the same, but we don't have a Jaro Halak to pick up the slack in the meantime.

    -Scott Howson and Scott Arniel

Dallas Stars

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    Dear Santa,

    Can you please send us a new owner? I really don't want to get traded to Toronto...

    -Brad Richards

Detroit Red Wings

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    Dear Santa,

    Can you make Nick Lidstrom sign a 10 year contract with a "no retirement clause"? He's still the best defenseman in the league, and I don't know what I'd do without him.

    -Ken Holland

Edmonton Oilers

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    Dear Santa,

    Can you make Gretz and Mess come back and play centre for us? We have all the rookie wingers, and we figured the best way to make a dynasty is to look at what made us a dynasty last time.

    -Steve Tambellini and Tom Renney

Florida Panthers

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    Dear Santa,

    Can we please have an NHL caliber team?

    Oh wait, I meant to say, can you please make us an AHL team? We're tired of missing the playoffs.

    -Entire Panthers Organization

Los Angeles Kings

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    Dear Santa,

    Jarome Iginla.

    -Dean Lombardi & Terry Murray

Minnesota Wild

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    Jamie McLennan - picked in 2000 expansion draftElsa/Getty Images

    Dear Santa,

    Can we do another expansion draft? I think we could have done better in the last one, and I'd like a do-over.

    -Chuck Fletcher

Montreal Canadiens

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    Dear Santa,

    Could I get posters, car decals, bumper stickers, billboards, and painted murals all over Montreal that simply say "Halak Who?"

    -Carey Price

Nashville Predators

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    Dear Santa,

    Could you please clone Shea Weber, but use a little bit of stem cell DNA tweaking to make him a scoring forward?

    -David Poile & Barry Trotz

New Jersey Devils

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    Dear Santa,

    Could you please make the NHL re-investigate our still blatant salary cap circumvention and overturn the Ilya Kovalchuk 15 year contract?

    -Lou Lamoriello, John MacLean, Devils' fans, Devils' ownership, Devils' players


    Dear Santa,

    Please ignore the Devils' request.

    -Philadelphia Flyers, Pittsburgh Penguins, New York Rangers, New York Islanders

New York Islanders

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    Injured again?Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

    Dear Santa,

    Could we please have a new arena? If Charles Wang has to pour a few hundred million dollars into a new arena, maybe he will stop making GMs like me sign Alexei Yashin and Rick Dipietro to 10 or 15 year contracts.

    -Garth Snow

    PS. Healthy, talented players are also high on my list.

New York Rangers

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    Dear Santa,

    I haven't been suspended yet this season; can I please come off the Naughty list?

    -Sean Avery


    Dear Sean,

    You're leading the league in penalty minutes. Enjoy your coal.


Ottawa Senators

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    Dear Santa,

    Can you please send us Dany Heatley? I know he's not exactly a "team player" but none of our "team players" can score.

    -Bryan Murray & Cory Clouston

Philadelphia Flyers

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    Dear Santa,

    Please let Sidney Crosby have a career ending injury. Also, if you could pimp out our penalty box, that'd be swell.

    -Peter Laviolette & Flyers' players

Phoenix Coyotes

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    Dear Santa,

    Could we please have a new owner and a new city? You're a winter kind of guy; you know hockey doesn't work in Phoenix. Can you end the misery and let us move to Hamilton? Jim Balsillie knew what was best for us.

    -Coyotes' players, coaches, and fan

Pittsburgh Penguins

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    Dear Santa,

    Could you send Sidney Crosby injury proof body armour? If he gets hurt, we're screwed. Also, if Chris Pronger could cheat on his wife, and have to move back to the West, we wouldn't complain.

    -Dan Bylsma & Ray Shero

St. Louis Blues

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    Dear Santa,

    Could you send us healthy players, or a fleet of doctors?

    -Doug Armstrong & Davis Payne

San Jose Sharks

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    Dear Santa,

    Could you give me a Conn Smythe Trophy so people stop asking me why I can't play in the playoffs?

    -Joe Thornton

Tampa Bay Lightning

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    Dear Santa,

    Please send us a Shooter Tutor, and amend the NHL rulebook so that it can be our starting goalie. It covers more net, and probably moves faster than Ellis or Smith. Plus, it won't bite on neutral zone spin-o-ramas or faked slap shots, so we'll at least look respectable.

    -Guy Boucher & Steve Yzerman

Toronto Maple Leafs

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    Dear Santa,

    Could you convince one of the other GMs to trade me two first round draft picks and a second rounder for Phil Kessel? I'm thinking maybe Darryl Sutter in Calgary.

    -Brian Burke

Vancouver Canucks

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    Dear Santa,

    Just two things on my list this year. First, could we please not play the Blackhawks in the playoffs this year? We just can't seem to beat them. Second, can you make Bobby Lou clutch in the playoffs? It's almost like after the first round he wants to start his summer vacation so he intentionally lets in goals.

    -Mike Gillis & Alain Vigneault

Washington Capitals

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    Dear Santa,

    Can I have a ****ing Cup!? Or do you not ****ing care!? I still want to coach this ****ing team! Also, can you send some some guys who aren't ****ing primadonnas!? ****!

    -Bruce Boudreau