Mark May, Buckeye Nation is Calling You Out!

RyanCorrespondent IDecember 27, 2007

You know what Mark May, you really shouldn't be getting paid to be a college football analyst.

I'm tired of you spouting off at the mouth about how slow the Buckeyes are. If you would watch the games half as much as you run your mouth about them you might actually see that the Buckeyes are as fast as any team in the nation. You can't go to three National Championships in six years being as slow as you claim them to be.

Yes, we got our butt handed to us by a hungry Florida team with a lot to prove, but you obviously have not watched any of our games this year. Our offensive line may be the best in the nation along with Oklahoma. I am not trying to take anything away from LSU, a fantastic football team we are excited to be playing, but compare the 40 times side by side and while you are at it check the NFL rosters—you might find some Buckeyes.

I realize LSU has some speedsters. Holladay is an amazing player, but it really gets old listening to you—an overpaid, unintelligent, ex-player who should not be allowed to broadcast in America's living rooms. I am appalled that ESPN employs you.

First, you treat Lou Holtz with an arrogant disrespect that you would see out of an unruly teenager to his father. You do realize that it is Lou Holtz, a National Championship coach and one of the best motivational speakers on the planet. I know he rambles sometimes but I would rather listen to him any day of the week over your uninformed, arrogant self.

Mark May I am calling you out—and the Buckeye Nation is calling you out.

We deserve to be in the National Championship jus as much as LSU does. On behalf of all the Buckeye fans—which believe me run a lot deeper than your Pitt fans—I want you to watch, Mr. May, as THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY shows everyone that we are tired of the disrespect and the references to last year. We are tired of all the BS about how slow we are.

Yes, we do have something to prove, but don't for one second think we won't bring our speed to New Orleans or that we are going to let LSU's "unstoppable" speed stop us from showing up.

I want to wish the LSU fans good luck, but also remind them if you are listening to the analysts and critics, especially Mr. May, be prepared, The Buckeye Nation is coming to your town not for the blues or the brews but to take home the National Championship and silence the critics. O-H!