Scoff With The Off: Huge Name Coming Back for Mania and More News

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Scoff With The Off: Huge Name Coming Back for Mania and More News

What up, bleaches? No time to chat; I found some news about a big name star that could shock the WWE Universe if completed.

WWE In Talks With Goldberg for Wrestlemania Return, and Longer:

After the talks of Goldberg coming back for Wrestlemania have died down the last couple of weeks, the word on the inside is that they are still going on quietly. The first option was to just have Goldberg return for Wrestlemania only.

Vince, however, wants him for one or two years though if he does want to return. We have all heard about how much Goldberg wanted his kids to see him wrestle. This seems like the perfect opportunity for him by only giving him a one- to two-year deal.

Vince became hooked on Goldberg after Batista turned him down, but Batista has his own problems right now.

Roy Nelson to be in the Royal Rumble?

Ever since it was made clear by Dana that Brock Lesnar could not participate in WWE because of his contract the WWE have been trying to find a surprise entry for the Rumble.

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Roy Nelson may be it. There is only one person who is not high on this idea. Vince doesn't want to hurt his relationship with Dana White and getting another MMA star would make it appear as if WWE will take anybody and look weak.

WWE Birthdays: 12/15

Happy Birthday to: NOBODY?!?!


This Day in WWE History:

Armageddon 2002. Oh yes we all remember that classic main event. HHH vs HBK in a Three Stages of Hell match for the World Heavyweight Championship.

HHH won the match. The first was a street fight. The second was a Steel Cage match, and the last was a ladder match. A classic match and one for the ages.

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