Auburn Offensive Coordinator To Take Vanderbilt Job? Don't Do It, Gus!

Nathan Deal@@NateDawgAUCorrespondent IDecember 13, 2010

Reports have been swirling that Gus Malzahn has accepted the Vanderbilt job.

First off, this is false. The Washington Post reported this, not some Southern source. Also, a spokesman from Vanderbilt University said the reports were false, but they "hope it will be true soon".

There's no doubt Vanderbilt is going after Malzahn, and heavily, at that. A $3 million contract is a lot to turn down. But here are some reasons he's better off staying in Auburn just a little while longer.


1. Nobody can win at Vanderbilt, Gus!

Bobby Johnson was considered a great coach there, yet he had a losing record, and a lopsided one, at that.

You're behind the eight ball at Vanderbilt. The athletes are not SEC-caliber. They are beyond SEC-caliber in the classroom, so to speak, but not between the lines of a football field.

You won't be able to sell Vanderbilt to high school kids, either. I've seen the stadium. It's nothing to write home about. Campus? Sure, it's beautiful in some areas, but so are all colleges, not to mention the fact Vandy is tightly packed into the streets of Nashville.

Vandy isn't a great place to coach, Gus.


2. It seems like a stressful job, Gus!

Bobby Johnson shockingly retired this past offseason. His reason? To spend more time with his family. But the look on his face explained a lot: He was stressed out of his mind.

Robbie Caldwell was a funny guy, too. The media and most SEC fans were in love with him after the SEC Media Days. But recently, right before their season finale, he resigned. The look on his face and the sound of his voice said it all.

If a happy-go-lucky fellow like Caldwell could be that stressed in one season, who knows what would happen to a straightfoward guy like Gus Malzahn.

It's a very stressful job, Gus.


3. There isn't even an athletic department, Gus!

In the sport-juggernaut SEC, Vandy is the only school to not have an athletic department.

Bama has one. Auburn has one. Tennessee has one. Florida, LSU, Georgia and South Carolina ALL have athletic departments. Vandy is too dedicated to the education part of it. They don't care about athletics, which makes it fishy that they're offering him a little bit short of a Saban-Alabama offer.

A $3 million contract from Vandy? Something's weird about that, Gus. Unless they've simply gotten tired of being losers on the gridiron, which is understandable.

But since when did they care THAT much?


4. You and your family love Auburn, Gus!

Many close sources to me in Auburn say that Gus Malzahn loves Auburn.

He loves the city. He wants his kids to get degrees from Auburn University. It's a relaxing, beautiful place to live. The only way he would leave would be getting a big-time offer. Vandy is just a small-time offer with a good bit of cash.

Auburn is a better place to live than Nashville, Gus. I think your kids would agree.


5. Do you really want to be a head coach right now, Gus?

This guy was a HIGH SCHOOL coach a short time ago! That's something to keep in mind.

Also, I don't think Gus Malzahn cares at all about being a head coach. The only thing better about it is the pay raise, obviously. He only likes to coach offense, and I don't think he's really interested in being a head coach.

Stay in Auburn and soon bigger and better programs will be knocking on your door, Gus.

I don't see how this would make sense other than from a financial standpoint.


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