Detroit Lions Close the Deal Against Green Bay Packers Using Spare Parts

Michael SuddsCorrespondent IDecember 13, 2010

Will Heller scoring the game's only TD
Will Heller scoring the game's only TDGregory Shamus/Getty Images

It’s Monday, and I awoke without the usual funky malaise that usually dominates my Monday mornings. I didn’t feel the need to punt the poodle, or abuse alcohol and meds. The queen and I enjoyed Sunday evening.

The Lions won a game.

Once again, I am reminded of that warm fuzzy feeling that comes with a Lions victory, be it ever so humble.

The Lions won this game by dint of grit, and sheer determination. The Lions beat Green Bay with a collection of spare parts cobbled together in some haphazard fashion that bore little resemblance to a real football team.

In spite of every indication to the contrary, the Lions closed the deal on a win. They somehow got the job done.

Head coach Jim Schwartz was doing some in-your-face coaching in the closing moments of the game. He was determined to keep his spare parts focused on what they needed to do in order to seal the deal.

Schwartz, who had earlier come out to the hash marks for clarification on a play that featured three penalties, would not be denied. I thought that the game officials would ask for a restraining order against Schwartz.

The manner in which Offensive Coordinator Scott Linehan opened up the playbook left me wondering if we would see the fumblerooskie, hook and lateral or a flea flicker.

The offense racked up 190 rushing yards and only 96 passing yards. 190 rushing yards? Who are these guys, and what have they done with my hapless, hopeless rock carriers?

The Packers chipped in with their poorest performance in ages.

That performance was due in large part to a swarming Lions defensive line that was supplemented with spare parts Turk McBride, Andre Fluellen and Lawrence Jackson.

The Lions collected four sacks on Packers quarterbacks, but harassed them relentlessly all day. They drove the underachieving Aaron Rodgers from the game with a concussion.

Not to be outdone, the Lions back seven featured Nathan Vasher, Landon Johnson, Prince Miller, Bobby Carpenter and Brandon McDonald.

Only Johnson was on the Week 1 roster—Spare parts. Waiver wire wonders.

Now, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that the Lions have turned some corner in their development, but even a humble, ugly win must be extremely satisfying to a group of players who finally found a way to close the deal.

It certainly makes my Mondays merrier.

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