WikiSportsLeaks: They Shoot, They Score

Wayne TestoriCorrespondent IIDecember 13, 2010

WikiSportsLeaks: They Shoot, They Score

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    Unless you have been living under a rock this past year, or locked away in your man-cave, vowing never to surface until the Cubs win the series, you have probably heard of WikiLeaks.

    Think of them as the “Deep Throat” of cyber world.

    Now this classified information-highway juggernaut is ready to set its sights on the world of sports.  For fans this means they’ll finally get to hear the truth behind many topics, issues and events that up until now have been shrouded in secrecy.

Bunyon Bender

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    Reports that excess snow caused the collapse of Minnesota’s Metrodome roof have turned out to be false.  According to WikiSportsLeaks, they have video of local legend, Paul Bunyan, as he staggered home from his favorite watering hole Saturday night, and then passed out on top of the building.

    As for Babe the Blue Ox, let’s just say the “Land of a Thousand Lakes” just got one more, and it is not filled with water.

Super Bowl III – The Ultimate Mind Game

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    WikiSportsLeaks just released documents that reveal the truth behind the New York Jets' stunning upset over the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III.

    It turns out that Jets' coach Weeb Eubanks was actually an alien with telepathic powers that enabled him to read the mind of rival Baltimore coach, Don Shula.

Field of Wedding Dreams

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    Looks like WikiSportsLeaks have done it again.  Recently leaked documents have unearthed proof that the so-called feud between Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant and his former teammate Shaquille O’Neal was just a smoke screen.

    Even more stunning is that the two were secretly married a year ago, in a simple wedding ceremony in an Iowa corn field.

She Was Just Horsing Around

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    WikiSportsLeaks has just unearthed their latest piece of sports information.  Turns out legendary Triple Crown winner Secretariat was not actually a horse but instead, Real Housewife of New Jersey personality Danielle Staub.

    Horse breeders agree, this explains why the animal had such an insatiable desire to win.  It knew that crossing the finish line first guaranteed a never-ending supply of money, fame, and most importantly, media exposure.

Password Purge

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    WikiSportsLeaks is leaving no secret documents unturned.  Today the whistle-blowing website released a number of cellphone passwords.

    The most shocking revelation, Brett Favre’s password is “Monogamy.”

Southern Hospitality – Hockey Style

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    WikiSportsLeaks has uncovered a truly unbelievable find.  The information-gathering organization has discovered that Atlanta actually has a professional hockey team.

    News of this shocking revelation has caused a season ticket-buying surge throughout the state of Georgia.  At last report, the rapidly growing number of Georgians who have committed to a year of watching hockey is already up to 28!