"What If?" Volume 2: Eddie Guerrero

Ben GartlandAnalyst IIDecember 11, 2010

“Out of my whole life, there were maybe four months that I thought I don't want to be a wrestler. But I knew what I wanted to do all my life. I grew up watching my dad and my older brothers do it. This is a dream for me.” ~Eddie Guerrero 

Hello readers, welcome to the Bleacher Report Article series of “What If?” For those of you not familiar with my concept here in this article, let me explain.

This is the second in a five article series in which I will contemplate on what would have happened if something in the wrestling world hadn’t happened, or if it had happened differently.

My first article tackled what would have happened if Chris Benoit had never died. You can find it here: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/436738-what-if-volume-1-chris-benoit

Many of us were shook to the core with the death of Eddie Guerrero, a fan favorite in a position to become a World Champion once again. The high-flyer that portrayed a stereotypical Mexican loved his job and loved the fans.

We all know the story of his death, and the events that followed, but what if he hadn’t died? What if he were still alive today? How would the title picture, story lines and WWE look as a whole?

The first thing that would most likely change in my opinion would be the popularity of Rey Mysterio. Rey was already gaining popularity as the high-flying cruiserweight, but he was given a lot more TV time after the death of Guerrero. He was put in promos to pay respect to his friend, and the fans started to love Mysterio.

They loved his high-flying, adrenaline pumping style of offense. When the WWE saw that the fans loved him, they pushed him farther and farther and made him into the main event star he is today.

I’m sure Rey would have been popular with or without WWE pushing him at that time, yet you can bet that WWE capitalized on the opportunity to have Rey make them some money.   

Next, there would be a huge change in the role that Vickie Guerrero currently plays in the WWE. About 7 months after her husband’s death, Vickie was entered into a storyline between Chavo Guerrero and Rey Mysterio. 

She became a heel after hitting Rey with a steel chair and costing him the match against Chavo. She went on with Chavo for a few more storylines before they went their separate ways.

By then, WWE saw the potential in having Vickie as a prominent heel and brought her back and she has stayed that way ever since.

Now on to what is really hard to think about, let alone write about. Where would Eddie be right now? He was booked to win the World Heavyweight Championship the next Smackdown, making him a two-time world champion.

By now he would either be retired or living out his last glory days as he would be 43, and he would most likely be on his way out of the company.

He would’ve probably been a 5 time world champion by now and a constant on the main event scene.

Many things changed when Eddie died. Even though Rey Mysterio and Vickie have prominent roles right now, they would gladly give all of it back to have Eddie back.

Viva La Raza! We will always remember you, Eddie!


Ben Gartland