Walsh Ironman Wrestling Tournament 2010 Quarterfinals

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Walsh Ironman Wrestling Tournament 2010 Quarterfinals
Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

The Walsh Ironman Wrestling Tournament is this Friday and Saturday (Dec. 10th & 11th).  The finals should be spectacular along with the entire tournament with many high-ranked and talented individuals competing in this tournament.  Here’s a breakdown of some of the top individuals from 103 to 125. 


  • Darian Cruz    (Bethlehem Catholic, PA)                      No. 2 HSW
  • Nathan Tomasello  (CVCA, CA)                                   No. 3 HSW
  • Brent Fleetwood  (Snyrna, DE)                                   -Unranked-
  • Joey McKenna  (Blair Academy, NJ)                            No. 12 HSW
  • Mike Rix   (St. Vincent – St. Mary, OH)
  • Johnny Jimenez  (Marmion, IL)
  • Chase Crabtree  (St. Paris Graham, OH)


  • George DiCamillo  (St. Ignatius, OH)                          No. 6 HSW
  • Max Hvolbek   (Blair Academy, NJ)                            -Unranked-
  • Ryan Taylor   (St. Paris Graham, OH)                          No. 11   HSW
  • Jered Cortez    (Marmion, IL)                                     No. 1  HSW
  • J.R. Wert    (Christianburg, VA)
  • Judson Preskitt   (Bishop Lynch, TX)


  • Jimmy Gulibon  (Derry, PA)                                       No. 5 HSW
  • Dom Malone    (Wyoming Seminary, PA)                    No. 9 HSW
  • Corey Keener    (Blue Mountain, PA)                         -Unranked-
  • Caleb Richardson   (Blair Academy, NJ)                     No. 7 HSW (125)
  • Joey Dance   (Christianburg, VA)                              No. 6 HSW
  • Dean Heil   (St. Edward, OH)                                   No. 10 HSW
  • David Jefferey   (Parkersburg South, WV)
  • Nick Goebel   (Elmwood, OH)
  • Jake Smith   (Robinson, VA)


  • Mason Beckman   (Reynolds, PA)                          No. 1 HSW (119)
  • Mark Grey   (Blair Academy, NJ)                              No. 4 HSW (130)
  • Bricker Dixon   (Park Hill, MO)                              No. 3 HSW (119)
  • Kagan Squire   (Wadsworth, OH)                            No. 9 HSW
  • Alex Cisneros    (Selma, CA)                                  No. 5 HSW (130)
  • Josh Fisher   (Roane County, WV)                          -Unranked-
  • Geoffrey Alexander   (Shady Side Acad.)                 No. 5 HSW

All of the weight classes will be posted on HSWrestling, the ultimate source for high school wrestling and wrestling gear.

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