Monday Night Football, NBA on NBC and the 10 Best Sports Intro Theme Songs

Paul KasabianSenior ContributorDecember 27, 2010

Monday Night Football, NBA on NBC and the 10 Best Sports Intro Theme Songs

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    We don't watch sports for the theme songs that open the broadcasts, but they can either heighten or dampen our excitement for the game.

    Case in point, Faith Hill's rendition of the Sunday Night Football theme. As talented of a singer that Faith Hill is, her rendition of the Sunday Night Football song each week makes many change the channel to FOX for two minutes to watch their comedy lineup.

    The song, which is more miserable for the corny lyrics than anything, is so comically awful that Saturday Night Live and Jane Lynch spoofed it recently.

    However, who doesn't want to run through a brick wall after hearing the original Sunday Night Football theme song?

    The following are the 10 best sports intro theme songs in television history.

10. ESPN Sunday Night Football Theme: 2001-2004

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    It was great hearing this theme song until everyone realized that we were about to hear Joe Theismann talk for three hours.

9. MLB on Fox

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    Some baseball fans would argue that hearing Joe Buck and Tim McCarver announcing games is insufferable, but at least FOX nailed it with the intro song.

8. NFL on CBS: 1992-1993

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    I hate to bring up a theme song from a Cowboys era of dominance, but I'm forced to here. CBS continues to dominate with its excellent sports intros.

7. March Madness

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    This song doesn't come close to hearing Gus Johnson calling a crazy buzzer-beater, but it gets me pumped up for March Madness. It's less than three months away!

6. CBS College Football Theme

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    This intro hasn't changed since 1987. It doesn't need to.

5. 1986-1988 NFL on CBS Theme

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    Excuse my Giants bias here. This was the CBS intro theme song for the 1986 NFC Championship Game, which the Giants won, 17-0 to make Super Bowl XXI.

    Still, it's a catchy theme, no?

4. NBC Olympics Theme Song

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    Like the Monday Night Football intro, I have to go for a classic theme here.

3. Sunday Night Football Theme

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    Decades from now, this will be the classic theme from the 2000's and 2010's. Someone call NBC and tell them we don't need anything more than this.

2. Original Monday Night Football Intro

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    I'm forced to put the original Monday Night Football intro on here. The original MNF is near and dear to many sports fans' hearts.

1. NBA on NBC

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    What made the NBA on NBC theme so great may have been in the introductions beforehand, usually narrated by Bob Costas or Marv Albert.

    See here if you want to see John Tesh perform Roundball Rock live.