Fantasy Football: A Newbie Calls For Your Help

Joe WillettSenior Writer ISeptember 3, 2008

I have been sitting here all off-season as writer after writer has offered their fantasy analysis about the upcoming fantasy season thinking to myself, "How do they get into this?"

However, I received a text from a buddy from mine earlier today asking if I wanted to join a league.

There are a few basics I know...

  • Running Backs are the most valuable
  • After Running Backs come quarterbacks, then receivers I think, then comes defense and special teams stuff.
  • LaDainian Tomlinson ALWAYS gets picked first

Even though I know these three simple rules, there isn't much I really know after that.  Does Marion Barber go over Peyton Manning?

Where exactly do I place Randy Moss on my wish list?

How can anything that doesn't make Tom Brady automatically the best be considered legit?

Basically, I am here to make a call to all people who consider themselves fantasy football gurus.

I need your help in preparing for my fantasy football draft, because I am totally out of the loop.

If you need any more reason to help me, know that two of the teams are run by Scott Malone and Ryan Williams, both are found on this site by the links I posted.

As for me, I am probably the only one who has absolutely no fantasy experience, and I have a feeling it may not turn out to good.

Then again, there's always beginners luck...right?

I'm Joe W.

Joe also writes for, a basketball fan's site