Scoff with the Off: New Cage Match, Batista Movie, FCW Wrestler Is Kidd's Guard

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IDecember 7, 2010

What is up, Bleaches? You know the drill, the Off is here with a load of news so let's get on it.


FCW Star Is Tyson Kidd's Bodyguard

FCW star Jackson Andrews was on RAW last night as Tyson Kidd's bodyguard. Andrews is a former student of Booker T. There is no word yet on what his name will be on the RAW brand.

It was just reported last week that Andrews didn't make this season of WWE NXT because officials didn't feel he was ready. This guy is extremely huge and if Kidd can play his cards right, he can pull off what Christian did with Tomko.


Batista to Star in Huge Movie 

Batista will be starring in a movie that The Rock made famous, The Scorpion King 3. His character's name is Agromael. The movie is set to come out in early 2012.


WWE to Try and Challenge the Super Bowl, and New Cage Match

The WWE is going to have two shows, both RAW and Smackdown, on the day of the Super Bowl. One will be in Madison, Wis. and the other will be in Philly. While these shows are at 1 p.m., it still makes you wonder if anybody will watch them or will they all be loading up on party stuff for the Super Bowl.

There is word going around that Creative has been told to come up with new ideas for a "gimmicked" cage to use. There's a feeling that WWE officials think that the Hell in a Cell match has run its course and a new type of cage match is needed to draw better pay-per-view buy rates.

What new cage match could they make? I thought the Elimination Chamber was about the limit. Any ideas?


HBK Will Be at the Tribute to the Troops

HBK wrote on Twitter about the Tribute to the Troops at Ft. Hood that...

"I will be at the Tribute to the Troops show, however, not performing or anything. I'm just there to visit & pay respect 2 the troops."

WWE Birthdays 12/7

Happy birthday to: Rick Rude, Tammy Sytch, Mr.Hughes, Wolfie D, Hack Meyers and Little Tokyo.


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